Kris Jenner Orders Kim Kardashian To Call Off Divorce From Kanye West To Boost The Family Bank Account?

Did Kris Jenner order Kim Kardashian to call off her divorce from Kanye West? One tabloid claims the Jenner wants to keep West around because he’s good for business. Here’s what we know about the state of Kardashian and West’s divorce.

‘Money-Hungry’ Kris Jenner Orders Kim Kardashian To ‘Make Nice’ With Kanye West?

Last month, the National Enquirer reported Kim Kardashian is having second thoughts about her divorce from Kanye West. Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, reportedly warned her not to go through with it because their whole family would lose out on West’s money. While West has said some unflattering things about his mother-in-law, Jenner isn’t going to let “bad blood” take a chunk out of her bank account.

“Kris still hates Kanye’s guts,” an insider dishes. “But she’s savvy enough to see he has a ton more money than her entire clan put together! She’s told Kim it’s smart to call off the dogs for now and lure him into a position where he feels like he needs her.” While Kardashian and West are in the early days of their legal battle, it isn’t hard to see who’s going to walk away with more dough.

West reportedly boasts a $6.6 billion net worth, while Kardashian has $1 billion to her name. “The ultimate aim would be for Kim to stay in partnership with Kanye in some form. It’s a win-win for her brand, as well as for her cash flow,” the tipster explains. “And what’s good for Kim financially is ultimately good for Kris, too!”

Jenner Orders Kardashian To ‘Call Off The Dogs’?

There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest Kris Jenner is pushing Kim Kardashian to call off her divorce. While West is likely wealthier than Kardashian (although the $6 billion figure isn’t accurate according to Forbes), Kardashian is incredibly wealthy on her own. Neither she nor her family will be hurt financially by the divorce. Besides, it’s obvious Kardashian and West have given plenty of thought to their separation and decided that it’s what’s best for them and their family.

And despite the magazine’s claim that there’s “bad blood” between West and Kardashian, the parents of four are on remarkably good terms. Kardashian supported West throughout the release of his latest album.

And more recently, the parents were spotted grabbing dinner in NYC ahead of Kardashian’s night hosting Saturday Night Live. While these signs have made people wonder if they’re still separated, a source told ET that the couple is moving forward with their divorce. “Kanye and Kim are moving forward with the divorce, even though recent signs have pointed to a reconciliation. Kim and Kanye are in a very good place, but they aren’t getting back together,” said the source. It’s obvious that there was never any truth to this tabloid’s report.

The Tabloid On The Kardashians

This wouldn’t be the first time the National Enquirer has gotten it wrong about Kim Kardashian and her family. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed Kardashian was “radioactive” and couldn’t find a date. Then the outlet alleged Jenner was forcing her son Rob Kardashian to get a job. Then the tabloid reported Kardashian was furious with West and “hell-bent” on going through with the divorce. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t reliable when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner family.


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