Kris Jenner praises daughter Khloe Kardashian as ‘passionate, positive & generous’ after fans slam her for photoshopping

KRIS Jenner took a moment to praise her daughter Khloe Kardashian for being such a “passionate, positive, and generous” person as fans continue to blast her for “photoshopping” her photos.

The momager, 65, wrote a lengthy tribute to her middle child to send her some “appreciation” for always being there for their family, including at sister Kim’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut.


Credit: Instagram


Credit: instagram

Over the weekend, when Kim took on the guest role of the long-running sketch series, both Kris and Khloe stopped by to give her support and to even appear in a skit.

Kris shared a slew of snapshots of her and Khloe hanging out backstage at SNL, getting ready to make their cameo appearances, with the 65-year-old wearing an all-black ensemble and her daughter rocking a tight red dress.

Khloe had a full photoshoot in the body-hugging look as she wandered through the corridors of the show’s sound stage.

After months of fans blasting Khloe for “editing” and “filtering” her social media videos and photos to “change her face” and alter the shape of her body, Kris decided to send her some public love.

“I just wanted to give a love and appreciation post to my beautiful daughter Khloé for being the most amazing, uplifting, cheerful, positive, most incredible cheerleader I have ever seen,” she wrote. 

She continued: “There isn’t a day that goes by that Khloé isn’t always on our family group text encouraging, inspiring and lifting all of us up to be the best that we can be.” 

“No matter what it is, she is there with kind, encouraging, positive words that really do make my whole day. 

“Just listening to her talk about whichever sibling she is cheering on. I cannot describe how consistent this is on a regular basis and what kind of an unbelievably loving and compassionate human being she is or how selfless she is and how excited she seems with every positive word.”

The reality star mom added that Khloe is always there to lift everyone up and encourage them to go after whatever new goals they’ve set for themselves.

As the 37-year-old is often one to make others feel better when they’re “feeling down on themselves,” Kris decided to direct some of that positivity right back to her.

The KUWTK alum wrote: “It’s almost as if her goal every day is that each one of her family members (and there are a lot of us) feel the best we can possibly feel, and that we are living the best life possible whatever the circumstances that day. 

“She is so generous and kind with each word and really shines a bright light on each and every one of us for each accomplishment, whether it’s big or the tiniest thing. 

“That being said, she really outdid herself this last weekend in supporting all of us, but especially her sister Kim as Kim focused on her performance on SNL.” 

She referred to Khloe as Kim’s “head cheerleader” every step of the way, screaming for he and complimenting her.

“I am so proud of Khloé,” Kris said. “She is one of the most delicious human beings I’ve ever met in my life… beautiful inside and out, funny, uplifting, passionate, positive, generous beyond words, encouraging, wonderful!!”

The happy mom ended the note: “I love you Khloé more than you will ever know! 🙏💖”


Credit: Instagram


Credit: Instagram
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