Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard’s Relationship Is ‘Make-Or-Break’ Amid Latest Marriage Struggles?

Kristen Bell in a black dress with Dax Shepard in a suit

Are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard relying on their new game show to save the marriage? One report says his relapse last year put the couple in a “make-or-break” situation. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Game Night No Joke’

According to the National Enquirer, Bell and Shepard’s marriage is in immediate danger. The two reportedly agreed to host the new Family Game Fight in a last-ditch bid against divorce. A source says, “They’re working together in an effort to put the relationship back on track.”

Shepard’s struggled with addiction in the past, and the couple has apparently been on thin ice ever since a relapse last year. A source says, “Kristen was furious with Dax after all she’d done to help him get and stay clean.” The Good Place stars spent the “entire pandemic in therapy and trying to put the pieces back together,” the insider says, and hosting this game show for NBC is its own form of therapy as well. The tipster concludes that there’s a make-or-break vibe on set, so “Kristen is hoping they’ll come out stronger than ever from the experience.”

How Many Game Shows Save Marriages?

NBC doesn’t give game shows to couples so they can work through their issues. Family Game Fight is the brainchild of Ellen DeGeneres. The game show is a spin-off of one of her segments. Bell and Shepard, friends of DeGeneres and a funny married couple, made sense from a casting perspective to be hosts. Their hosting duties having nothing to do with the state of their marriage.

Tabloids exploit addiction and relapse to sell magazines. It’s true that Shepard relapsed last year. When it happened, Bell said, “I will continue to stand by him,” and spoke with love about Shepard’s commitment to getting better. Shepard’s been very public with his struggles, even telling his young children about it. If this game show was really about saving the marriage, you could expect Bell and Shepard to say it themselves.

Their marriage is strong, and therapy’s only going to make it stronger. This story is nothing more than an attack on Shepard for his experiences with addiction. It’s distasteful and false.

Other Tabloid Blunders

This tabloid promotes relapse stories all the time regardless of their veracity. It’s claimed that Tiger Woods, Ellen DeGeneres, and Robert Downey Jr. were all on the verge of relapse. The Enquirer wants to profit off of misery and regularly exploit old drug problems. Shepard’s actual relapse is still, nearly a year later, getting exploited with a bogus story. It didn’t break his marriage, so you should disregard this story.

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