Kristin Fisher: How Sydney socialite became embroiled in cocaine bust

Shock details of the moment NSW police found a Sydney socialite in a drug dealer’s car with bags of cocaine at her feet have been revealed in court.

Details of the moment NSW Police discovered a Sydney eastern suburbs socialite in the back seat of a drug dealer’s car with two bags of cocaine at her feet have been revealed in court documents.

Kristin Fisher, 36, is now fighting to have her conviction annulled after she was this week fined inside the Waverley Local Court.

Ms Fisher has established herself as one of the city’s most sought after beauticians and has over 60,000 followers on her personal Instagram account and that of her Double Bay eyebrow business.

She was arrested on July 17 when she was caught in the midst of a cocaine deal in the back seat of her drug dealer’s car.

According to a statement of facts tendered to the court, NSW Police were patrolling a well-known drug hotspot in Bondi targeting dial-a-dealers when they noticed a Kia Rio driving erratically.

The driver attempted to overtake a car which was reverse parking, veering onto the wrong side of the road, nearly causing an accident.

When the dealer was pulled over, they found Ms Fisher in the back seat and two bags of cocaine at her feet.

“The accused was frantic in the passenger seat, attempting to leave the vehicle and evade police interaction,” court documents state.

“Police observed two clear resealable bags containing white powder at the feet of the accused within the vehicle.”

Neither Ms Fisher nor the dealer could explain why she was in the car or how they knew each other.

“Police strongly suspected they had disturbed a drug transaction,” court documents said.

She was charged with possessing a prohibited drug as well as being issued a penalty infringement notice for breaching the public health order for leaving her home without a reasonable excuse.

“The accused stated she had been picked up from her address in Double Bay and had arranged to be supplied the cocaine within the vehicle,” court documents state.

“The accused stated no money was handed over as it had been arranged through a friend.”

She was convicted in Waverley Local Court on Tuesday, with Magistrate Ross Hudson imposing a $550 fine.

However Ms Fisher was unaware that she was required to attend court, her lawyer told The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday.

Her solicitor Michael Bowe has said that she plans to fight her conviction and have it annulled.

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