Kylie Jenner second baby updates – Sister Kendall was pregnant star’s ‘motivation’ for another child with Travis Scott



The TV personality previously celebrated her 24th birthday on August 10th but gave very little information on the events that actually took place that day.

The young mom treated her pals to a fun art class complete with a lavish breakfast buffet.

Kylie filmed the long spread which held towers of donuts, cupcakes, sugar-dusted pancakes, fruit, and other sweet treats.

During the private art class, the makeup mogul and her friends learned how to paint an idyllic beach scene with a Meditteranean coastline.

Kylie toasted her friends with fruity cocktails, though it has since been discovered that the display was a ploy to trick fans who were convinced of her pregnancy.

Afterward, the soon-to-be mother of two snapped photos of opulent flower arrangements she received as gifts for the big day.

The brunette covered her lush backyard in fairy lights and created an ethereal glow for her close ones.

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