Kylie Jenner’s swim line savaged by fans for TINY sizing and shoddy quality so bad it’s basically see-through

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed all over TikTok for her new Kylie Swim swimwear range.

Hundreds of TikTokers have blasted Kylie’s fashion line, claiming the swimsuits are “poor quality”, with many fans complaining of “bad stitching” and “see-through”, “paper thin” fabric.


Many women have taken to TikTok to show off their upset with Kylie Jenner’s swimsuitsCredit: TikTok/@manny_boo55

Not to mention that they are being sold for $80 per item.

One TikTok user says she bought all of the one pieces from the collection and shared her review to her account ‘manny_boo55’.

The woman was shocked that every single piece didn’t meet her expectations and said: “I bought all the one pieces.

“I got an XL on this one lol.

“Didn’t go over hips.

“See through.

“Falling apart.”

The video has racked up over 639.3k views, 35.4k likes, 120 comments and 62 shares.

One person said: “If this is an XL I had no chance.”

Another added: “Kylie did not understand the assignment lol.”

A third commented: “There are literally so many videos saying how bad these are so why are people still buying them and acting shocked when it’s bad.”

Another TikTok user posted her review of the Kylie Swim swimsuits to her account ‘briannaxrenee’.

The video shows the new Kylie Swim swimsuit with tears and snags to the material, whilst also making the suit look tiny and see-through.

Brianna was shocked at her Kylie Swim purchase


Brianna was shocked at her Kylie Swim purchaseCredit: TikTok/@briannaxrenee

Brianna posted the video with the caption ‘Posting an in-depth review later today’.

The video got a whopping 24.3million views, 3.2million likes, 18.3k comments and 16.2k shares.

One person said: “Oh that’s embarrassing for her.”

Another added: “She is a BILLIONAIRE why can’t she get the right materials to get good quality swimsuits made.”

A third commented: “I mean 80 bucks for that…you could get 10 swimsuits on SHEIN for half the price and better quality.”

Brianna later shared a try-on video of the swimsuit with the caption: ‘and they’re $80 each’.

She said: “My Kylie Swim video is viral but there are still people defending the swimsuits, so I’m gonna show you guys the tea.

Brianna was shocked at how see-through the swimsuit was


Brianna was shocked at how see-through the swimsuit wasCredit: TikTok/@briannaxrenee

“I’m gonna wet it and now I’m gonna put it on over a patterned top so you can see how see-through it is.”

Brianna then runs the swimsuit under the tap and puts it on over her patterned clothing, with apparently transparent results.

She continued: “You can fully see the pattern off the shirt through this.

“Like I’m sorry but that’s how you decide this is not ok.”

Her video got 710.4k views, 58.2k likes, 218 comments and 218 shares.

One person commented: “This makes me mad. How can she even sell this? Ugh.”

Another added: “That is dangerously see through. Clearly they are made for pictures only.”

A third said: “I have never in my life seen swimwear that wasn’t double lined. I am still shocked at this.”

But that’s not all.

Another TikTok user shared her review of the swimwear collection to her account ‘kathryn.mueller’.

Kathryn posted her try-on video with the caption: ‘Kylie swim try on, also I bought this right when it launched so I didn’t know it was bad lol.’

Kathryn was not impressed with her purchases


Kathryn was not impressed with her purchasesCredit: TikTok/@kathryn.mueller

She said: “So I tried Kylie Swim and it’s worse than I thought.

“These suits are so sheer that you can literally read the care instructions through them.

“So clearly TikTok wouldn’t let me try these on without anything on underneath so I’m gonna wear this bodysuit and try on some suits.

“First of all there is just no coverage at all.

“It’s slightly painful with the single lining and the thick stitching around.

“It’s cutting in everywhere I didn’t want it to be, so it’s a no for this one.

“At this point I start to ask the question, who are these suits actually supposed to work for?”

She then tries on a different swimsuit and says: “This one has just got to be worse.

“First of all, the yellow – big mistake.

“Also, this is a medium and it’s fitting pretty snug on me.

“My normal swimsuit size is a small so I’d say all of this stuff runs really small and I would size up one or even two sizes.

“I’m normally a small and I think a large would actually be best for me.

“Let’s also take a moment for where this is falling on my chest, like this is where my nips are and it’s literally one inch of fabric.

“Any slight movement and I’m out.

“I’m all for a revealing suit but it at least needs to hold me in a little bit and I don’t think these are gonna do that.

“I know these weren’t made for function but I think even sitting the wrong way you would have an issue.”

She then showed off a triangle two piece that she said was “the best one” but coming in at $40 per top and bottom, it was definitely not affordable.

And for the quality, she didn’t think it was worth the hefty price tag.

She also said: “I really just need more than a single layer of fabric.”

Her try-on video got a whopping 2.5million views, 324.5k likes, 1,944 comments and 1,503 shares.


One person said: “I haven’t seen a single positive review about Kylie Swim.”

Another added: “The fact that YOU would need a large is proof that they are sized incorrectly and made poorly.”

A third commented: “I just cannot believe it is one layer…like what the hell were those people thinking.”

Fabulous has reached out to Kylie’s reps for comment.

The yellow swimwuit barely didn't leave much to the imagination


The yellow swimwuit barely didn’t leave much to the imaginationCredit: TikTok/@kathryn.mueller

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