La La Anthony broke her silence on her divorce from NBA star Carmelo Anthony

La La Anthony broke her silence on her divorce from NBA star Carmelo Anthony a few months after filing documents, and she admitted they are still good friends.

Los Angeles Lakers player Carmelo Anthony and his estranged wife, La La Anthony, have been making headlines for over a decade due to all the rumors surrounding their marriage.

La La filed for divorce earlier this year, officially ending their 11-year marriage. Now, the actress and businesswoman is talking about their separation for the first time.

Carmelo and La La took the first step to legally part ways in June 2021 when she filed divorce papers in New York, citing irreconcilable differences. Although not many details of their separation had been disclosed at the time, things between them were supposedly amicable.

It was also reported that the estranged couple had been separated for some time but remained friends and focused on co-parenting their 14-year-old son Kiyan.

They proved that their divorce process was actually amicable only two days after La La filed the papers. The former couple was spotted cheering on Kiyan during one of his basketball games in Miami.

While their divorce’s news surprised some of their fans, others expected it as La La and Carmelo previously parted ways amid rumors that he cheated on her.

The adultery allegations were all over the internet in 2017, seven years after they tied the knot. However, they seemingly worked things through and got back together in late 2018.

In 2019, Carmelo came under fire again for supposedly cheating on La La. The Lakers small forward was photographed on a yacht in France next to a woman in a bathing suit with nobody else around.

Shortly after the photos were posted everywhere, he addressed the rumors by claiming that the woman he was with was married and her husband and the rest of her family were on the yacht, too.

He added that he was with them as a friend during what he labeled as a “business retreat.” Carmelo also pointed out that he would not typically address such fake news, but he had to do it because it was affecting his family and hurting the woman.

We started as best friends, and I love that we still have that friendship, we’re raising a kid together.

Around the same time, La La supposedly described their marriage as “strained,” so even if Carmelo was not cheating on his wife, their relationship was far from perfect.

People believed La La and Carmelo were trying to solve their issues in 2020 because they quarantined together on the west coast during the coronavirus pandemic, but they weren’t.

After filing for divorce, La La and Carmelo kept the details of their separation and new relationship as co-parents under wraps. However, she appeared on the “Angie Martinez Show” in October 2021 to share some tidbits about it. She said:

“When you’ve been with somebody for so long – we started as best friends, and I love that we still have that friendship, we’re raising a kid together – there’s no drama with us.”

La La added that she treated Carmelo like a close friend because they are still family. She also wanted her son to notice that her parents keep things friendly even though they’re no longer together.

About Kiyan, La La said he was still getting used to the “transition” and wanted her and Carmelo to be happy. Seeing that the former couple get along great and still have a family group text made him feel good, too.

The “Power” actress also told Martinez that she didn’t think she could tie the knot again unless an “amazing person” showed up due to all the things she went through with Carmelo.


La La admitted that although she was aware of basketball players’ reputation for relationships and women, she was surprised when it happened to her because that was not her and Carmelo’s relationship.

Given that she and Carmelo had been together since he was 19 years old, she often tried to guide him and play the roles of wife and friend, so she was disappointed when they separated.

[La La] would walk out of therapy feeling lighter and better as she allowed herself to feel what she was supposed to.

La La also pointed out that while some people might believe their relationship ended just now, they have actually been separated for years. She has already dealt with the emotional aspect of divorce, but she still has her “moments” from time to time.

Carmelo’s estranged wife confessed that the breakup hit her “really hard” because of the allegations surrounding them, how public it was, and the other people involved.

Unlike what some people might believe, La La and Carmelo’s split was surprising to her. She even said a lawyer once told her, “He’s a basketball player. What did you expect?” but she didn’t tie the knot expecting a divorce.

To heal from such a heartbreak, La La admitted she needed time, therapy, and finding love and passion for other things. In her case, she’s really committed to her son and jobs.

About therapy, she said that while there’s always been a stigma around it, talking to a neutral person about your problems and “get it all out” is always helpful.

La La confessed that although opening up was hard, she would walk out of therapy feeling lighter and better as she allowed herself to feel what she was supposed to.

Once she healed from the separation, she realized how strong and resilient she was. The actress also joked that, after bouncing back, “you’re checking DMs and trying to go on a date.”

Finally, La La admitted that she was trying to find a balance between work and personal life because, for years, she kept mainly focusing on grinding.

Now, she’s allowing herself to take some “me time” and go on trips without feeling guilty about it. La La added that she set her mind to enjoy the results of all her years of hard work. Way to go!


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