Lad, 19, doesn’t change bedsheets for three months at uni as he doesn’t know how

A mum was left stunned to hear her son had been sleeping in the same unwashed bedsheets for three months.

Kim, 55, asked her son Bradley why he hadn’t washed his bed and he claimed he didn’t know how to do it.

She said: “Both the twins are well-known for being extremely messy when it comes to cleaning, ironing and making a bed properly.

“I discovered that despite being at uni for months Bradley hadn’t even changed his bed once when I got him at the end of the year.”

The mum, from Kent, was speaking in light of a study which found nine in 10 parents think their teenage kids lack domestic skills.

A survey of 1,000 parents with kids aged 13-19 found 29% of youngsters couldn’t make a bed.

Another 41% would struggle to iron a shirt, while 38% of parents aren’t confident their kids could even clean the toilet.

Meanwhile, a third (31%) don’t think their kids could fold sheets or clothes properly, while 18% of teens leave their dirty dishes.

A quarter (23%) admitted they didn’t think their teens could vacuum a room.

The study, which was carried out by Premier Inn, also found 26% never clean the bathroom, while 19% don’t take the bins out.

Premier Inn launched its Life Skills Academy to help teens who are leaving their home for the first time to go to university.

Bradley and Lewis
Nine in 10 parents think their kids lack certain life skills
(Image: SWNS)

Twins Bradley and Lewis Fox, 19, are students who were given a crash course by the hotel on housekeeping.

Kim said: “This session was a fun way to set them on track to develop useful skills which will help them not only for uni but beyond.

“They haven’t listened to me in 19 years and it took the housekeeper just a few hours.”

Simon Ewins, managing director for Premier Inn, said: “Our research has shown that in many cases teenagers still appear to live up to their messy reputations, with many parents adopting an ‘if I want it done properly I might as well do it myself’ approach – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

“Whether it is through one of our Life Skills Academies or online video tips, we are hopeful we can step in to help and give young people a bit of domestic prowess.”


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