Lad gets QR code tattoo to show he’s coronavirus-free and uses it at McDonald’s

A man has got a tattoo to prove he is free of coronavirus, so he won’t need an app to prove it anymore.

Tattoo artist Gabriele Pellerone, who has over 200,000 Instagram followers, has inked a QR code onto one of his client’s arms.

The code shows the man’s coronavirus Green Pass, the Italian equivalent of the NHS app.

Not only does it prove he’s been vaccinated, it also displays that he’s tested negative and recovered from the virus.

The Green Pass certificate was first introduced in Italy in June to facilitate travel in Europe.

It allows people to take part in large events like weddings and also provides access to nursing homes.

Gabriele Pellerone was the mastermind behind the tattoo
(Image: Facebook)

Now a clip on Gabriele’s social media shows how the tattoo actually works.

In the video, it shows the man walking into a McDonald’s where the tattooed brought up his coronavirus certification.

Gabriele said: “People get tattooed for different reasons, also to remember a historical period like this, and all that it generated or left along its path.

“Regardless, there is no objective way of seeing things, whether it be for better or for worse, each person has a story to tell and their own way of seeing or interpreting everything, beyond any form of prejudice.”

In other tattoo news, a woman with a “guardian angel” back tattoo was told it was rude.

The TikTok user, named Bekah Milly, shared her new tattoo online and now we simply can’t unsee it.

People were quick to point out that her “innocent” design looked very X-rated and rude.

She explained the design was intended to show her hugging her guardian angels.

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