Lads team up together after woman asks if all men ‘dry’ their towel in lazy way

Living with a partner can be great, having your own space together to cook up a meal or perhaps to get a little steamy under the covers in the privacy of your own home.

However, living with your significant other can come with some cons which may be the cause of some lovers-tiffs.

Arguments usually start by leaving the toilet roll cardboard in the bathroom or your partner may ‘forget’ to empty the dishwasher… we have all been there at some point.

For this relationship pet-peeve, a woman has taken to Twitter to share how her boyfriend is seemingly incapable of hanging up a towel on a radiator.

Posting under the username @Jessicaadxx, the disgruntled girlfriend asked people whether her boyfriend is the only one who manages to ‘hang up’ towels the way he does.

Jessica has questioned her boyfriends towel drying technique

She captioned the post: “Do all men think towels will dry like this or is it just my boyfriend??”

Attached to the post, the woman took a snap of her boyfriend’s attempt to ‘dry’ the grey towel by scrunching it up onto the top of the radiator.

The post proved popular, having now racked up 42,000 likes and 3,000 retweets after hitting a nerve with other people in relationships.

Having related to the boyfriend-esque pet peeve, many people took to the comments to share their own experiences with bad habits of their partners.

One woman commented: “My husband prefers to leave it on the bathroom floor. Strange because he also likes to collect clothes on the floor at his side of the bed.”

Another annoyed partner said: “The worst thing is when the towel starts smelling damp from not being dried properly and they still use it”

A third person added: “Least it’s in the right place. My boyfriend thinks the towel dries scrunched up on top of the toilet.”

Man doing washing
A bunch of blokes have teamed together to defend their towel hanging habits

However, some blokes do not see an issue with the unusual method of towel drying and defended the boyfriend.

One man said: “I don’t get it – can’t see anything wrong with that. Heat rises and thus penetrates through the bundled towel on top. This is the way!”

Another bloke added: “I do that. Drives my wife mental. To be fair, the contents and state of your handbags are way WAY worse than untidy towels.”

Someone else commented: “You need a magic radiator! I throw my towel on like this and it’s always folded correctly next time I use it.”

While a husband admitted: “I’ve put underfloor heating in my bathroom so when the wife says why is the towel on the floor !!! I just say it’s drying.”

Luckily, not all lads share their same technique as one guy said: “Looks like I am the only bloke horrified by this, along with the act of squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube!!!! Why do people think either is acceptable??”

Let us know in the comments what habit of your partner bothers you!


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