Lala Kent Getting It From All Four Directions In Latest Vanderpump Rules Season

In a lot of ways, this season of Vanderpump Rules isn’t clicking. It’s been way too heavy on Lala Kent and all of her beefs. She makes an excellent villain though. That’s something which cannot be denied.

The Palm Springs trip is still ongoing, and we’re getting a pickleball tournament. When I picture luxury Palms Springs trip, this isn’t what I imagined. Why this game?

Lala asks Randall Emmett not to come too hard after Tom Schwartz. He has every right to though. Schwartz never speaks his mind and tries to shuffle out of everything. He can’t give a straight answer to anyone. He’s somewhat adorable, so he always gets a pass. How long until he runs out of passes?

Katie Maloney tells Schwartz about other people in the group noticing him being steamrolled by Tom Sandoval. He has no power in this. He thinks he’s making money moves, but does he have a say in anything? She might be annoying, but Katie’s on to something. She doesn’t want to see her husband continue to be made a fool by his “best friend”.

Nobody stands a chance at pickle ball if Brock Davies is playing. Scheana Marie’s new man is JACKED. If I saw him on the court, I’d walk away, and call it a day.

Of course, Sandoval turned this sporting event into an over-the-top extra affair. It’s an 80’s Wimbledon theme. FOR WHAT SEASON? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Can he not do anything normal?

Scheana doesn’t want help from strangers to raise her baby. She might be exhausted, but that’s still not in the cards for her. I wonder if that’s a dig at any of her current or former costars. Someone look into that.

Lala’s acting like a monster during this tournament. She’s throwing her paddle across the court. Everything about Lala feels manufactured and immature. Becoming a parent didn’t change her in the way she thinks it did. This is the same old Lala we’ve seen for many years now.

Katie’s stuck playing against Sandoval. These two are still at odds (and he’s annoying), so this is her own personal hell. As long as she doesn’t mention his horrible proposed business name, they should be fine. HE IS SO ANNOYING THOUGH. How does Ariana Madix put up with him?

One place where Sandoval shines is going above and beyond for his friends. He’s working overtime to ensure James Kennedy nails his proposal to Raquel Leviss. Hopefully, things go off without a hitch!

The group plays Jenga, and things get awkward quickly. James & Lala’s past hookup is referenced, but they quickly move past it. The grossest part of the game was absolutely Lala having to wear Sandoval’s urine-soaked fur coat. Yep, you read that correctly. YUM.

Scheana’s mother Erika van Olphen shades Brock for leaving the baby early to practice pickleball. The baby wasn’t left alone. It’s not like Brock left the baby completely unintended. What’s her problem?

Obviously, Erika & Brock have a rocky relationship. You can feel the tension throughout the entire duration of the conversation. Scheana’s stuck in the middle which has to be an uncomfortable place to be.

It’s Scheana’s mother’s birthday, so I can see why it’d be annoying to be stuck with the baby. However, is it really the end of the world. She’s forever crying about something over the top. I know she has hormones pumping through her right now, but she’s always been this way.

Raquel gets pressured into giving a second toast of the day. Her anxiety’s through the roof. She’s not as confident as someone like Lala, so it’s difficult for her. She takes a break outside because it’s been too much for her.

Raquel cries outside to James about not being able to talk in front of people. I feel for her because there’s clearly issues here that she hasn’t worked through. James’ is trying to help her through it, but she mentions Lala’s confidence. Someone like Lala is intimidating, but she doesn’t need to compare herself to her.

Does Raquel really want to be someone like Lala? Raquel feels less important than Lala which scares James a bit. He doesn’t want her to end up like Lala. That would be a red flag to him.

It’s crazy to think Raquel’s believing James should be embarrassed of her. Does she know who HE is? Does she remember the things HE has done? If anyone in the relationship should be embarrassed of one of them, it should be reversed.

Schwartz has no idea how to express himself to Sandoval. His attempt to do it was weak as hell because he doesn’t know how to stand up for himself. Schwartz constantly backs down.

Katie’s patient as hell to stay married to this man. Why does he find it cute to always make himself look like an idiot. I’m sure he’s far more intelligent than he’s letting on. Express yourself. Voice your opinions. Don’t let your “best friend” steamroll you. Also, don’t force your wife to take the fall on your behalf.

It’s crazy to watch Lala & Scheana have a play date with their babies. What a journey these two women have been on since they started on the show. One has evolved more than the other. However, both of their lives have transformed in many ways.

Scheana doesn’t like hearing that Randall has only changed the diaper a minimal amount of times. She doesn’t want someone who isn’t going to be fully involved. Yeah nobody deserves to pull more weight than the other parent. Don’t have kids if you don’t want to do what you’re supposed to. Period.

It’s cringe to hear Brock has a daughter named Winter and named this daughter Summer. Lala & Randall think it’s insane, and it’s hard to disagree. It’s weird. It’s also weird to think he hasn’t seen his other children in four years. Red flag alert. Red flag on the play.

I don’t understand the details about how he came to lose contact with his children. Scheana sure knows how to pick em! This sounds exactly like the type of man she’d end up with. This man is good as gold to her.

Raquel’s totally in the dark about the impending proposal. In fact, nobody is aware of what’s coming their way. HOW COOL IS IT THAT THEY ARE DOING THIS ON THE ACTUAL GROUNDS OF COACHELLA?

So far nobody’s connected the dots about it being a proposal. Let’s so how long it’ll be until someone in the group puts the pieces together. James (with Sandoval’s help) nailed this. It’s perfection. Tacos, margaritas, and even performers. It’s a dream!

James believes his issues with alcohol and their relationship issues led to this moment. They had to go through all of that to get to this pivotal point. He’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. Hopefully she feels the same!

James opens up about his deep love for Raquel during an intimate moment away from everyone. She’s STUNNED when James drops to one knee and officially pops the questions. SHE SAID YES!!!

The moment James put the ring on her finger, it was a fireworks extravaganza! What a beautiful moment for someone like James who worked so hard to fix his life. Once the fireworks go off, everyone in the group finally realizes what’s going on. Not much drama in this episode, but it was quite fun!


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