Lamar Odom Praises Celebrity Contractor Matt DiBara For Helping Victims

Lamar Odom is thanking celebrity contractor, Matt DiBara, for his offer to help those who are suffering from the tragic building collapse in Florida.

The former NBA star was made aware of an offer by the builder to support the victims and building managers around the state to make sure nothing like this happens ever again. As you know, Matt is known as the ‘Undercover Contractor’ and announced on Instagram this week he is willing to help make sure disasters like this are avoided in the future.

“Honestly, both of these disasters could have been avoided. DiBara Masonry has made our name so trusted all around America because of our decades of top-tier work on structural concrete failure as it relates to water, age, and of course maintenance. That’s what’s key here,” Matt said.

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He continued, “If these buildings had a regular and well-qualified maintenance person on staff year-round, or at least performed annual inspections then we wouldn’t be in this mess and a lot of people would still be alive and have their homes. That’s why we are offering a seamless service for every building manager in the country that needs a highly trained and professional expert who will regularly inspect your building.”

Dibara made headlines recently for his podcast ‘The Undercover Contractor’ which made huge waves after the Kardashians were allegedly scammed by their building team. “If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone,” he said.

Lamar Odom gave huge praise to DiBara saying in a recent YouTube video, “If you don’t get ripped off or jerked out of your money, you need to contact Matt DiBara, the ‘Undercover Contractor.’ Adding, “It can change your life.”

Lamar Odom Praises 'Undercover Contractor' Matt DiBara For Helping Florida Victims
FAME By Sheeraz

As you know, a second Florida apartment building was evacuated after it was deemed ‘unsafe’ to live in. The emergency evacuation came on the heels of another building — The Champlain Towers — collapsing which left 98 people dead. Authorities say the building needed to be evacuated after its “structural integrity had been degraded by the contractor proceeding with the repairs that they were not authorized to do.”

The city staff reportedly inspected the building and determined the detached elevated garage had to be closed due to structural concerns. The property manager was told that the damaged columns in the building also needed “emergency shoring” and would need to have it fixed immediately. Thankfully, in this case, everyone was ushered out of the building before tragedy struck.

The Champlain Towers incident sparked a massive official review of the structural integrity of buildings in the South Florida area, and many are turning to people like DiBara to check on buildings in other states to make sure they are sound.

At this point, the ‘Undercover Contractor’ is offering his services to help people make sure their homes and buildings are safe, and offering to help the victims make sure they are moving to other locations where this could never happen.


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