Landlady commissions portrait of herself in Yorkshire puddings

A pub landlady has unveiled a portrait of herself made from Yorkshire puddings.

Yorkshire Puddings

Jamie Wilson commissioned the artwork made up of the famous Sunday dinner accompaniment and the artwork greets drinkers at the Heathfield Farm pub in Bradford, where she is the general manager.

Wilson said: “I love them so much I just had to have a symbol of my Yorkshire pudding passion hanging proudly in Heathfield Farm.”

The portrait was created by Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn, who is renowned for making pieces from everyday household items and foods.

He has previously been commissioned by stars such as Prince Charles, Madonna and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Other works by the artist include Kate Moss in moss, Albert Einstein in Smarties, Piers Morgan in Marmite on toast and the ‘Lady Marmalade’ singer Christina Aguilera in the fruit preserve.


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