Landlord issues VERY strict rules for tenants paying £945 for single room

EVEN if you’ve got the most easy-going flatmates in the world, moving into a new place is always going to be an adjustment.

But what if the people you’re going to be living with aren’t so, erm, accommodating?


The landlord banned tenants from cooking meat or watching TV after 9:30pm

Well if you thought your roommate obsessing over who used their cutlery was bad, then spare a thought for the tenant who has moved in with this demanding landlord.

Earlier this week, a picture of an outrageous advert was posted on Reddit where people were quick to slam the unreasonable demands.

If being charged £945 for a single room in the small town of North Manchester, Indiana, wasn’t bad enough, the landlord instructed his future tenant that TV after 9:30pm wouldn’t be tolerated.

And as they’re a vegan, there’s also a total ban on meat in the home.


The advert read: “I have a room for rent. In my apartment. It is a three-bedroom.

“Rent includes one bedroom only! You will have access to the bathroom, but you must not shower after 8 pm! You may use my kitchen, you must clean up after yourself.

“You will need to provide your own toilet paper, you must provide your own soap and shampoo. You will have to buy your own food!” 

As well as the TV ban, the tenant also isn’t allowed to listen to music in the evenings and has to be pay an extra $75 [£54] a month if they want wifi too.

The landlord continued: “Weekly room inspections will be done to make sure you are being clean.”

And while it’s pretty commonplace not to be allowed pets, the landlord has practically banned the tenant from having guests too.

They added: “If you must have company they must stay in your room at all times! They will not be allowed to use the bathroom, this is my house – not yours. You must follow all rules!”

Needless to say, the advert left members of the Reddit forum stunned.

One replied: “I’m sad for anyone who is desperate enough to live here.”

Another added: “All that for only $1,300 a month. Oh my God, where do you sign up?!”

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