A landlord has sparked outrage after installing a fingerprint lock for tenants failing to pay the rent.

A viral TikTok video has shown a fingerprint door lock installed on a property in Illinois.

The caption claims it has been erected in a bid to stop tenants entering if they have been late on rent.

The clip was captioned: “Here is the fingerprint lock they installed to track us… they would lock people out if they were late on rent.”

The Tik Toker added: “They have an app. And sometimes they would lock people out to intimidate them”.

More than four in 10 private renters in England have experienced illegal behaviour from their landlord or letting agent, a survey suggests.

Some 45% of private renters have experienced illegal acts such as entering a home without notice or permission, assault and harassment, according to polling for the charity Shelter.

But one Tik Tok user replied: “Moral of this story pay your rent or if you are going to be short of the payment, have a word with your landlord and explain you will be short on your rent payment.”

“Guessing this landlord has reached the point where he felt he had to take drastic action,” a second agreed.

“He rents you the flat, you pay rent. Seems fair,” said a third.

Another said: “That is insane! Surely illegal?? Landlords think they can do what they want.”