Landlord’s ‘awful’ flat layout with kitchen-bedroom mocked on social media

An awful apartment layout has got the ridicule it probably deserved after going viral on social media.

The flat in New York City had a kitchen in one of the bedrooms and renters would have to go through the second bedroom to use the apartment’s only bathroom.

In a video tour of the property by TikTok user @rentnewyork who is also on Instagram, he jokes: “Tell me you don’t know anything about layout, without telling me you don’t know anything about layout.”

“Ok, so this is a two-bedroom in The Bronx and we’ve got bedroom number one right here,” he continues.

The apartment tour left people baffled

“We have to go through this bedroom to get to the one bathroom.

“And, if you come out here, that’s your main entrance, and here is your living room.”

It’s a “nice, big living room” but there is a big problem when he shows the kitchen.

“There is no refrigerator, instead you have got to go to the next room which brings you to the second part of the kitchen… Or actually, is this bedroom number two?

“It must be because there are no other bedrooms, but then you’ve got a refrigerator and cabinets in your bedroom and no door.”

The apartment's quirks include a kitchen-bedroom
The apartment’s quirks include a kitchen-bedroom

The video has been watched more than 4 million times and was swamped with thousands of comments savagely mocking the layout.

One user said: “Knew it was gonna be bad when you opened the door and it was straight wall lol.”

A second viewer joked: “I’d call this one ‘Trying to build an apartment in The Sims for the first time.'”

Someone else quipped: “Oh you got the bathroom? Well then I get the refrigerator.”

“What a huge studio apartment,” said another person, dripping with sarcasm.

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