Larsa Pippen is the Queen of Instagram Thirst Traps

Larsa Pippen is the queen of Instagram thirst traps and she uses her assets to turn a tidy profit when the urge hits. Though she and former friend Kim Kardashian have grown apart in recent years, it’s clear that Larsa picked up some tricks and tips from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star when it comes to her social media presence.

Former star of Real Housewives Of Miami Larsa Pippen knows how to turn up the heat when it comes to her Instagram page. As her divorce from NBA legend Scottie Pippen continues to play out behind the scenes, Larsa has been living her best life, as her Instagram account can prove.

Whether she’s posing in a glittering bikini on a fancy yacht or lounging on a mattress and giving her followers an eyeful of her long, tan legs, Larsa has never looked better.

Regardless of what she’s wearing, or not wearing as is often the case, Larsa manages to impress.

Larsa Pippen Sends Arabic Greetings In Glitter Bikini

Larsa turned heads late this summer with a stunning photo of herself wearing a silver, glittering bikini. With a see-through skirt wrapped around her waist, she showed off every inch of her long, curvy legs. Between Larsa and the gorgeous backdrop, it’s hard not to get lost in this sultry photo. She wrote part of the caption in Arabic, proving she’s not just a pretty face but an experienced world traveler to boot.

Pantsless Posing While Selling Mattresses For Cash

Larsa Pippen isn’t just all play and no work, though she manages to blend the two concepts in the best of ways. Larsa recently posted a photo of herself lounging in a luxurious-looking pajama shirt on a mattress. While holding up a brochure for the scientifically-named mattress, Larsa was facing away from the camera, giving her followers a good view of her exposed hip.

Larsa Offers Hydration Advice In Her Underwear

With all those thirst traps she’s dropping, Larsa apparently felt the need to share some important hydration advice with her 2.4 million Instagram followers. The mother-of-four dropped one of her hottest pictures yet alongside a cheeky caption that probably left her followers even thirstier than ever.


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