Lash technician issues horrifying warning after client had extensions SUPERGLUED to lids

AS much as we love the look of long fluttery lash extensions, we’re not so keen on how pricey they can be.

So naturally, we can’t blame anyone for trying to cut back on the cost where they can.


Delia’s client had her 22mm eyelash extensions done by a beautician she found on Facebook MarketplaceCredit: dsarabiaxo/TikTok
The superglye started to congeal into stomach-churning blobs


The superglye started to congeal into stomach-churning blobsCredit: dsarabiaxo/TikTok

But maybe let this woman’s lash horror story be a lesson to us all to NOT go looking for beautician on Facebook Marketplace.

In a viral TikTok video that’s racked up over 13 MILLION views, lash technician Delia urged people to do their due diligence before booking in with a new beautician.

Earlier this year, she explained how a client got in touch looking for help removing her VERY long 25mm extensions.

She wrote: “I had a client text me asking me to help her remove her lash set she got done on Facebook Marketplace.

“She said they were fluffy before she got them wet bit after she got them wet, they became stiff.”

On closer inspection, Delia realised the lashes had been stuck extremely close to her lash line without any gaps.

And if that wasn’t a big enough red flag, what came next was truly horrifying.

She continued: “I applied the remover and immediately started smelling SUPERGLUE.”

Along with the “intense” fumes, the glue started to congeal into great big blobs on the client’s lids.

Dalia added: “This took me 45 minutes to properly remove.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Needless to say, people in the comments were horrified by the state of the client’s lashes.

The extensions took 45 minutes to remove in total


The extensions took 45 minutes to remove in totalCredit: dsarabiaxo/TikTok

One replied: “This is my sign NOT to get them done from Facebook Marketplace.”

Another added: “Find people that don’t use cheap products and care for your safety! At the end of the day, they just want your money.”

Meanwhile, a third fumed: “They need to get their lash license revoked!!”

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