Last week on Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath Gets Sassy About Max

Last week on Welcome to Plathville, Max came at Moriah for the way she dresses. Now, Moriah is opening up about it at a girl’s day. Keep reading for Welcome to Plathville spoilers.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers

Max and Moriah are a pretty intense couple on Welcome to Plathville. Last week, he told Moriah that how she dresses can make him uncomfortable because of the male attention that she gets aside from just him.

“I’m not trying to kill your fashion or your vibe at all. But I know that we’ve been in situations where we were sitting at a public place and I got up to use the bathroom. And because you’re like attractive and you were wearing like shorts that were really low and crop tops and stuff, when I came back, there was like a guy trying to talk to you,” he tells her.

He continues, “And it’s kinda like, ‘why are you advertising what’s not for sale?’”

Now, she’s talking about it again on the newest episode airing tonight. She opens up to Olivia Plath and their friend, Helena about the situation. She says that when she dresses like this, it’s for her.

“Babe i do this for me 100% of the time,” she tells the girls.

She continues to say that she works for what she has. “If I work hard for it, I’m going to show it off.”

Sounds like Max is just going to have to get over this hurdle he has created for himself! It doesn’t sound like Moriah is looking to change any time soon – especially if she told Olivia about it.

Moriah is a bit Max obsessed

Welcome to Plathville fans know that Moriah is ultra obsessed with her boyfriend. They are constantly touching, kissing, and doing interviews together. Honestly, it can be a bit annoying but they are young and just having fun!

Some of that leaked over into the girl day on the most recent Welcome to Plathville episode.

The girls (Olivia, Moriah, and Helena) decided to have a girl day at the beach and not have any boys involved. Of course, that was next to impossible for Moriah Plath. She made sure to tell the other women that the day would be fun if her boyfriend was there.

“It would be fun if Max was here,” Moriah blurts out during the beach day.


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