Laundry expert shares how much you should wash your jeans – and it’s quite a lot

Washing denim can often be quite a faff.

Some might tell you they shouldn’t be washed too often, while others probably do them once or twice a week.

So what’s the right way of doing it?

One laundry expert has revealed how many times you really should be washing your jeans – and it’s a lot more than you think.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, claims that people should really throw their denim in the wash after three wears.

How many times do you wash your denim? Do you agree with the expert? Let us know in the comments below…

The expert recommends you doing it after three wears

He told Sun Online: “Washing your jeans every three wears will keep them fresh and will stop your jeans from losing their shape.

“When you wear jeans for longer, sweat, bacteria, and dead skin cells start to build up in your clothes, and they begin to smell.”

Meanwhile GAP reckons the frequency of washing jeans is down to the individual as it’s all about how they like their clothes to fit.

But the fewer washes you put your jeans through, the better it’ll be if you want them to feel like they’ve just been bought.

Cropped shot of a young woman looking at her jeans before throwing them in the dryer
Other experts say to do it after nine to ten wears

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The brand also said jeans will retain their colour for longer and continue to hold their shape well if they’re washed less frequently.

In other words they recommend one wash every nine or ten wears.

But if you’re doing it as much as Deyan that’s okay too as it kills bacteria and germs.

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