Lauren Boebert roasted after bragging about befriending a goat

From being accused of rooting for the Taliban with her “Taliban are the only people building back better” tweet to claiming the noun ‘patriot’ as her pronoun after mocking people who clarify their gender identity, and let’s not forget when she threatened to carry a gun into congress earlier in the year. Republican representative Lauren Boebert is understandably struggling to garner support from the public.

So much so, it seems as though the politician has confided in a new friend, a goat.

Boebert took to Twitter on Labor Day (September 6) to showcase her new pal to her 694K followers. “I made a new friend yesterday!” she excitedly tweeted – though the enthusiasm seems pretty one-sided judging from the reaction of the farm animal.

Naturally, the roasts rolled in on social media as people flocked to Twitter with their take on the newly-formed friendship.

One suggested the goat could teach her a thing – or 16: “Maybe the goat could educate you on history, economy, the humanities, psychology, sociology, English, the difference between reason and prejudice, empathy, morality, civic responsibility, the law, government, politics, team building, positivity and the dangers of blind hatred.”

“The only time anyone will use GOAT in the same sentence as your name”, another tweeted.

While another joked, “As a person that works with goats every single day at our farm sanctuary, I can tell for sure this goat is stressed out and not comfortable with the situation.”


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