Leeds hospital to change signage after hilarious spelling error
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Leeds hospital to change signage after hilarious spelling error

An NHS hospital trust has said it will fix a sign in its building, after eagle-eyed social media users noticed that there was a spelling mistake on it.

Sharing a snap on Twitter, user Andy Webster encouraged fellow tweeters to “spot the spelling mistake” on the sign, which was spotted at Leeds General Infirmary.

Starting at the top, it all seems normal, from ward numbers to wings such as the Martin Wing and Brotherton Wing.

Some wondered if it was a rogue apostrophe in Leeds Children’s Hospital…

It was not.

In case you’re getting ‘impatient’, we’ll cut to the chase. One row below details of the outpatient pharmacy, the maker of the sign listed its counterpart as an ‘impatient centre’, making it sound like a place for disgruntled commuters rather than those receiving medical help.

Obviously, the sign should read National *Impatient Centre for Psychological Medicine.

Responding to the blunder, the official Twitter account for The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, who manage the hospital praised Webster’s finding as a “good spot”.

“We should probably fix that. Maybe give us a few days please? Don’t be… well yeah,” they replied.

However, things got worse when another user pointed out another blunder from the hospital. This time, it involved several grammatical errors in an email about coronavirus:

Other commenters, meanwhile, poked fun at the nature of the typo:

Then there were those who decided to share their favourite signage mishaps:

Well, at least the hospital isn’t low on blood supplies, given they’ve got a few Type Os…

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