‘Legendary’ mum shares petty way she tells her husband she’s annoyed at dinnertime without the kids realising

NO matter how much you love your partner, there will always be a time when you’re annoyed at them for something they’ve done.

But if you’ve got children and don’t want to argue with your partner in front of them, here’s something for you.


A woman shares the plate of dinner she made for her partner to show she was annoyedCredit: TikTok/@simply_leahmez

One woman has shown her ‘passive aggressive’ way to let her know her partner is annoyed and people are calling it ‘genius’.

Leah Mendoza posted the video to her TikTok account ‘simply_leahmez’.

The video shows Leah take the plate over to the table as she flings it down, throwing down the knife and fork.

But it’s not just a standard dinner.

The plate of food contains fish fingers, peas and then potato letters, spelling out “You pissed me off today.”

We can hear Leah’s child crying in the background, proving this dinner time message is the perfect way to show your partner that you are annoyed, without arguing in front of your children.

She said: “When he’s annoyed you but you won’t argue in front of the children.

“So passive aggression it is.”

Leah said that her partner was “acting up all day” so gave him this dinner to let him know she was annoyed.


Clearly this video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 436.6k views.

It has 13k likes, 328 comments and 1,445 shares.

One person said: “Brilliant, that’s a good one. Made my night.”

Another added: “That’s pretty amazing though.”

A third commented: “Totally doing this next time.”

Many were left in hysterics at the dinner


Many were left in hysterics at the dinnerCredit: TikTok/@simply_leahmez

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