Legends of Tomorrow: How Jes Macallan Shaped “The Final Frame” and What’s Next for Avalance

“I requested from costumes – there’s a little owl in my veil, a little fabric owl with all the other birds in there. [It’s] for my mother-in-law, who passed away quite recently and she loved owls,” Macallan says. “So she’s there in the episode with us the whole time. A little Easter Egg [for me].” 

But not to worry Legends fans, there’s every likelihood that Ava will head down the aisle in a much better dress than the tie-dyed tulle-laden monstrosity we see during this episode. Macallan is well aware of how highly anticipated the impending Avalance wedding is and how much fans everywhere have come to love the relationship between the two women. 

“It’s such a blessing,” Macallan says. “I almost hate to use that word because it doesn’t even – it just seems such like such a hashtag or something, like “hashtag blessed”! But it really is. And in the time that we’re in, playing anyone LGBTQ, it’s a lot of responsibility. There’s a lot of weight of wanting to make everyone happy and feel like they can relate to this relationship.”

For Macallan, it’s always been important that Ava and Sara’s relationship feel “grounded and not forced,” that the pairing exists for more than simply checking the box of Legends having an LGBTQ romance. 

“It’s just been such an awesome thing that we’ve been able to go where we’ve gone with it. And even further with the wedding, obviously,” Macallan says. “And then now that we’re [filming] Season 7, I can tell you – they’re just growing. In such a wonderfully simple way, simple and complex at the same time.”

Legends of Tomorrow, more than any other Arrowverse show, is known for its ability to tell universally relatable emotional stories through the most bizarre of narrative frameworks. After all, Ava herself is a clone and she’s getting ready to marry Sara, a woman who has died, been resurrected, and is now is a half-alien hybrid clone herself who may or may not be functionally immortal. Yet, the story of their relationship is still one that’s full of recognizably human problems. 

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