Libra weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 26


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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Be honest with a group on Monday – you’ve been patient long enough.

If your determination wobbles a little this week it’s a positive sign – of new ideas and opportunities rising up for you, as Mercury’s reversal helps turn back time. 

So try not to stick to a love or life schedule that’s too fixed. 

Saturn adds business ability to a creative talent and you also have
Jupiter flair linking your zones of ambition and entertainment. 

Luck circles “34”.

DESTINY DAYS: Be honest with a group on Monday – you’ve been patient
long enough. 

Try a new blend or brand of daily drink on Wednesday. 

Open your heart to an “F” apology on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: Streets or houses named after trees.  Numbers that start
with “1”. 

The most recent item delivered to you.

CUDDLE UP COUPLE UP:  For single Librans, this is an autumn of surprises
and self-discovery. 

Someone you talk to a lot, but have never met in person, can be your soulmate – and once you both see this, things move mega-fast. 

Meanwhile if you’re already in love, Venus’ autumn focus falls mainly on security and shared future planning. 

What you want may not be what you really need – and now you see the difference. 

And find love’s strength lies in how you feel, rather than what you own.

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