Lidl trainers sell out in hours and are now being sold on eBay for triple price

Lidl re-launched its iconic blue, yellow and red trainers this week – and they’re already selling out in branches across the nation.

While some may find it hard to believe, the branded shoes have become a cult fashion buy and are selling for well more than double their original price on eBay.

Shoppers who are lucky enough to find the brightly coloured merchandise can pick up a number of branded goodies including the £12.99 trainers.

But, they’re already selling online for as much as £40.

Listings on eBay show recent sales of £39.50 while another sold for £38 after a bidding war.

Twitter users are going wild over the bright shoes

In 2020, a pair of the shoes sold for an enormous £450 – and shoppers say they’re more popular than designer Balenciaga trainers!

The popular branded goodies hit the discount stores shelves in the UK yesterday alongside branded socks, £1.49, foldable shopping bags, 99p, and Men’s swimming shorts, £4.99.

The trainers come in both men’s and women’s versions which cost £12.99 and come in ladies sizes 4 to 7.5 and 7 to 11.5 for blokes.

The merchandise is a “Middle of Lidl” offer meaning that when they sell out they’re gone for good.

You can’t buy the trainers online as Lidl doesn’t sell through its website.

Having only launched on Thursday, September 16, Twitter users are already posting thick and fast about the shoes.

“I want the Lidl trainers,” shouted a fan while another added: “There’s two types of people in this world – those who have Lidl trainers and those who don’t.”

A third added: “I guess I must have been the only one in the UK outside the nearest #Lidl at 7:58 am this morning waiting for the doors to open to nab me a pair of their legendary trainers.”

And another commented: “My boyfriend made my year last night when he walked in the door with a pair of Lidl trainers. They are beautiful!”

One family flaunted their gear as mum and dad wore the Lidl socks and trainers and their little boy modelled the knee socks.

The dad wrote: “A massive thanks to the best wife in the world!

“Check out what she got us from our favourite shop.”

Another man modelled his trainers, bag, shoes and swim shorts with his special edition Lidl Christmas jumper.

He said: “AMAZING! Lidl launched their new clothes range!”

But, not everyone was quite as in love with the iconic shoes.

One moody Twitter user said: “Apparently people are going mad for these horrific #Lidl trainers. Is this for real? Nauseated face.”

And, another asked: “Someone explain to me why the lidl trainer hype makes me really uncomfortable?”

What do you think – iconic or ugly? Tell us in the comments…

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