Liesl And Drew Join Hands To Escape Hostage Situation! Will They Be Successful?

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that Drew and Liesl will soon find each other, and they might come together to escape the prison. Right now, Drew doesn’t know that Victor has kidnapped him, and that is all because of Peter August. But soon, he might come to know about that, and they might come up with a plan. What will they do? 

Liesl Becomes Drew’s Cellmate

In the week of September 27- October 1, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liesl will lose her fancy accommodations. GH viewers know that after Victor kidnapped Liesl, she was being kept in a rather luxurious place. However, in the upcoming days, she might do something that will anger Victor. Obrecht might point out that while she is in a gilded cage, it is still a cage. This might rile Victor up, and he might think that he has given Liesl such a comfortable place, but she couldn’t behave. So, he might transfer her to the crushy environment where Drew is. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew And Liesl Cross Paths

General Hospital spoilers suggest that when Victor sends Liesl to the same facility as Drew, they might cross paths and become cellmates. She might then tell Drew that the person holding them hostage is none other than Victor Cassadine. Drew has been trying to find the answer to this question for a long time now.

So, Britt might help him with this, and they might also realize that Peter is in the mix too. They will be grateful that they have been able to find the person, but it looks like Drew will have more important plans he will want to accomplish.

General Hospital

GH spoilers suggest that Drew might tell Liesl that he is planning to escape, and Liesl might decide to help Drew through it. GH viewers know that Drew has made too many attempts to escape the whole situation. But he hasn’t been that successful. So will Drew and Liesl together be able to escape? We will have to wait to know.

The good thing here is, Sam will continue to look for Drew, and from what the latest Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests, Britt will start looking for her mom too. So, would they be able to find Obretch and Drew? Only time will tell. will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. 


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