Lifetime’s Thriller ‘The Virgin Sinners’ Pay For Harmless Prank

In the latest Lifetime thriller, The Virgin Sinners, what happens when a secret cult of popular mean girls embodies the seven deadly sins? What if their actions result in a prank that goes wrong? Expect anything in this latest cautionary tale.

This new Lifetime movie stars Kaitlyn Bernard (The Healer, 1922), Brenna Llewellyn (John From Home, The Hippie Who Came To Roam), Brenna Coates (Coroner, Cagefighter), Keilani Elizabeth Rose (Flimsy, Within The Silence), Jasmine Randhawa (There’s Something Between Us), Carly Fawcett (300 Heads, If I Should Die), and Natalie Malaika (Fractured, Day of The Dead).

Ready to delve into the seven deadly sins?

What Is Lifetime’s The Virgin Sinners About?

Do you know the seven deadly sins? The girls in The Virgin Sinners do! According to the Lifetime synopsis, seven schoolgirls are part of a clique dubbed “The Sins.” The young women are called “wayward.” This is a name others gave to the group. Therefore, that name stuck.

Disobeying their parents and advisors behind their back, the girls began to each take on the Seven Sins attributes. However, They live in a small, very religious small town. Moreover, these young women do not want to heed the advice of those who are older.

Soon, the group gets called for being “wayward.” After a “harmless” prank goes wrong, the group now becomes the lethal target of an unknown killer. The young women are keen on fighting and making waves. Moreover, they now have a “reputation.” The group becomes known, and they want to make a statement.

Despite warnings from the local parents and their teachers, the young women push the situation. Now, the targeted women consider starting over.

How can this thriller become even more wonderful?

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s The Virgin Sinners?

Lifetime’s The Virgin Sinners premieres on Saturday, August 14, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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Ready for some royal tea? Then be sure to watch Lifetime’s third drama in the Harry & Meghan franchise, Escaping The Palace. This will premiere on September 6, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on The Lifetime Channel. That is coming up!

Lifetime serves up for some royal rivalry in their latest drama, Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace is coming to your television soon. This is Lifetime’s third installment in this series. This movie stars Jordan Dean (The SinnerThe Punisher), Sydney Morton (ManifestJessica Jones), and Steve Coulter (Shotgun WeddingP-Valley).

Here is what we know about this new Lifetime royal movie. Things are not going so great for the recently married couple. Harry and William are at odds. Duchess Kate and Meghan are also at odds. Most of all, Prince Harry fears for Meghan’s life. He thinks that history will repeat itself. He does not want to see his wife go through the same as his mom.

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