Lilah Roloff Proves She’s A Daredevil Like Jackson (VIDEO)

Lilah Roloff idolizes her big brother, Jackson. It’s no surprise then, that the tyke does everything that he does. See the video down below of Lilah Roloff proving she’s a daredevil like Jackson. 

Little People, Big World Family Gathers for Wedding 

The Roloff family came from near and far to gather for Amy’s wedding to Chris Marek. Amy’s elderly father made the journey from Michigan despite his recent health issues. Amy and Matt’s reclusive daughter Molly made an appearance, though social media evidence was quickly scrubbed. 

There’s no denying that the grandchildren stole the show! Audrey and Isabel Roloff showed off their adorable baby bumps of the next generation of Roloffs. Audrey and Jeremy’s third child will arrive in November, followed by Isabel and Jacob’s son in December. 

But the kiddos in the family may not be eager to share the spotlight. Tori and Zach’s son Jackson got his second shot at ring bearer. His cousin Ember was the flower girl in the intimate wedding. 

While Lilah Roloff didn’t get a starring role in the wedding party, she was clearly enjoying herself at the after-party! 

Lilah Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram

Jackson’s Recent Misadventure 

Boys will be boys! Jackson Roloff loves to go on adventures. Over the summer, he went on a solo trip to Disneyland with his mom, Tori. However, he recently got himself into a bit of a misadventure! 

Jackson Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram
Jackson Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori shared videos of Jackson at a local skatepark. After a few successful trips down the ramp, Jackson took a huge spill that gave him a busted lip. However, he didn’t let a little blood stop him from having fun. Now his little sister is following in his footprints… or scooterprints. 

Lilah Roloff Proves She’s a Daredevil Like Jackson 

Lilah Roloff is the typical little sister. She adores Jackson and mimics everything he does. The adorable duo had a dance party with Lilah shadowing Jackson’s killer moves. In a new post on her Instagram Stories, Tori reveals Lilah once again copying Jackson. 

The littlest Roloff just started walking a few months ago. Now there is no stopping her! Lilah took herself for a spin on Jackson’s scooter. In the video, Lilah uses the handlebars to keep her balance as the toddles along with the scooter. 

Lilah isn’t quite yet a master of the scooter, but it won’t take long before she’s hitting up the skatepark with her older brother. 

Does it surprise you that Lilah Roloff is a daredevil like Jackson? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Check out this bonus clip of Lilah really moving!

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