Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett Observe October 3

A historic date. Lindsay Lohan celebrated Mean Girls Day on October 3 with a nod to the moment that made the date a holiday.

“It’s October 3rd. 😊☺️💕🧡💕 #meangirls #itsoctober3rd,” Lohan, 35, captioned a photo of the iconic scene via Instagram.

In the movie, high school Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) turned around to ask Cady Heron (Lohan) what day it was, and she explained that it was October 3. Cady treated it as a big moment in their relationship, and the hilariously insignificant interaction has become one of the scene’s most memorable moments.

Bennett, 40, commented on his former costar’s post with his famous line: “What day is it?”

Lohan responded accordingly, “It’s October 3rd 😂.”

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and Lacey Chabert in ‘Mean Girls.’
Michael Gibson/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock

Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen Smith in the Tina Fey-penned comedy, commented, “YES IT IS.”

Bennett, who previously hosted Food Network’s Halloween Wars, also made several posts about the meme-able day. “And as I sat there on October 3rd, I realized no one else on the planet will ever understand how weird it is to be me today,” he captioned an Instagram Story video of himself in an airport.

The Burn CookBook coauthor also shared a video from the set of his Hallmark movie, The Christmas House 2, where Robert Buckley attempted to recreate the iconic moment with him. Of course, it’s hard to recreate perfection.

Daniel Franzese, who played Damian in the film, shared a heartfelt note via Instagram alongside several fan art pieces from

“Happy #MeanGirlsDay I want to thank all of the fans of this movie that brings so much joy and adventure into my life,” the comedian, 43, shared. “Every day I become more grateful for the follows and the dms and the words of support for my life and career. I’m grateful for each of your gasps or screams when you meet me or the tears we shed hearing your stories.”

Franzese continued, “Movies are healing. Comedies can especially be. They kept me going during all my darkest moments. My favorite movies hold the sounds of my best friends and my families laughter. Those laughs live in those movies. So it’s not lost on me you’re basically fangirling over a fan girl. Your fan art blows my mind tho. Every year more and more I get swept away in all your talents. You make me smile and feel important. You make me work so hard to put on a amazing show for you all. So this one day a year when I really have the Mean Girls fan’s attention I want to simply say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I truly love you all. #houseofglencoco.”

Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen Weiners, didn’t let the day pass without acknowledging the fans either. The Hallmark star shared a couple posts on her Instagram story, including one from Sesame Street‘s Elmo.

“You can always sit with Elmo,” the photo was captioned. Chabert, 39, added a “You can sit with us” sticker to the sweet post.

Mean Girls, which was released in theaters on April 30, 2004, is streaming on Paramount+.

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