Lion walks out of public toilet; viral video stuns people

In a shocking incident, a wild animal found in a residential area emerged on social media. Yes, a video showing a lion walking out of a public toilet has stunned netizens. Going by the footage, a group of people noticed the lion coming out of the washroom during a safari.

The one-minute clip shows a public toilet, and it looks like the visitors are inside a moving car during their safari tour and recorded this footage. However, suddenly a lion comes out from the entrance, transmitting the tourists in fear. The wild cat halts there, inspect its surroundings, and then moves towards a nearby jungle.

Twitter user WildLense Eco Foundation shared this video with the caption, “Loo is not always safe and reliever for humans; sometimes it can be used by others too.” Reportedly this is an NGO that increases awareness about wildlife in India.

After being shared online, the video has gone crazy viral and accumulated over 185 views and 855 likes. Social media users were amazed at the strange appearance of the lion in a public restroom. Many stated that they would avoid using any public toilet during a jungle safari.

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