Lisa Rinna Says She’s Closer To Erika Jayne Than She Ever Was With Denise Richards; Lisa Downplays Friendships With Denise and Garcelle Beauvais And Says They Are “Party Friends”

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Lisa Rinna always thinks she owns her mess on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it’s just a facade. And this is coming from someone who used to ride hard for Rinna and her big lips. But now after she completely outed Denise Richards on national TV and is so ride-or-die for Erika Jayne, she’s losing me. Her tactics are dirty. Rinna loves a mess and loves telling people to own it, but only if they come for her in any way. If they protect her from having to own her own shit (or talk about the husband), she loves them. If not, you’re chewed up and spit out like Denise and Garcelle Beauvais.

Rinna and Erika’s friendship has always been baffling to me since the duo first paired up on RHOBH. They seemed like friends, sure, but not to the level of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Or Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp, for example. They try to play up the Thelma and Louise thing to get fan support, but it always comes off as phony. Particularly since we rarely see them have heart-to-heart moments about actual issues, unless it’s Rinna wiping EJ’s mascara-soaked tears to help her look innocent to the feds tuning into RHOBH these days.

Rinna appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week to defend herself and Erika yet again in an outfit that looks like it came from Scott Disick’s closet. During the after-show, she was asked her thoughts about Sutton Stracke hosting a sit-down meeting without Erika at the end of this week’s episode. “Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t know that Erika wasn’t going to be there when I was asked to come,” Rinna said. “I’m going to have a lot to say coming up about that.” Oh boy, Rinna adding fuel to the fire again. Sutton and Garcelle, remember this for the reunion.

Then, Rinna was asked how often she talks to Erika. And she gave a convoluted answer since the Ice Queen doesn’t know what being a genuine friend and having real conversations even entails. “I talk to Erika when Erika wants to talk,” Rinna said. “Let’s put it this way — I’m closer with Erika than I’ve been with anybody in this circle. I’m way closer to Erika than I ever was to Denise Richards.” Hold up. Rinna’s known Erika for a few years now due to the show. She and Denise were allegedly friends for TWENTY YEARS. Even Andy Cohen was baffled.


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“I think that needs to be said,” Rinna continued. OK another attempt at fooling us into believing she’s really “owning it.” “I know everyone thinks that Denise and I were close. We were acquaintances, much like I am with Garcelle.” Oh girl. Now I don’t even think Garcelle would chop up your relationship even to that level after the way you’ve acted toward Denise. Rinna goes on to call them “party friends.” “I have become close friends with Erika,” she added. Alright then, whatever you have to tell yourself, Rinna.


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