Little Boy Gets Kidnapped By Alien In Impressive Video


Footage has emerged of a young boy screaming as he’s abducted by a totally real alien. 

It’s unclear what happened in the lead-up to his kidnapping. The clip opens on the boy flailing and desperately trying to grab the car door handle. ‘Dad, help!’ he screeches before being taken away across the field, while his father makes, what can only be described as, a pathetic attempt to rescue him.

It’s also not been confirmed what fate befell the child after the video – if there’s any justice, he’ll win an Academy Award, because that kid puts in an incredible shift.

The clip was posted by @enkyboys on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, showing off a brilliant Halloween costume made so much better by the boy’s performance. Having the theme tune from Halloween was also a perfect choice. ‘Stay safe this Halloween!! This alien crossed the line!!’ the caption reads.

On TikTok, it’s already racked up more than 23.4 million views. ‘Give this boy an Oscar! I was about to call 911!’ The TikTok Attorney commented. ‘This is the DRAMA we are committed to,’ Amazon Prime Video replied. ‘The absolute commitment is splendid,’ Dan Povenmire commented.

‘Why doesn’t this kid have an acting career yet? Dad would be a helluva actor too,’ one user wrote, to which the creator replied, ‘Thanks brother.’

It’s been received just as well on Twitter, with one user tweeting, ‘Excellent physical comedy, light-touch sfx, kid COMMITS to his role. A+ I NEEDED THIS,’ and another writing, ‘So this kid should be in all the movies!’


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