Little Girl Mistook Her Own Mother For An Alien & Couldn’t Stop Crying

A 5-year-old girl couldn’t help her tears when she saw a picture of the earth on her mother’s passport. She freaked out and thought that her mom was an alien and had kept it a secret all along.

Kids can come up with the most impossible reactions sometimes, and all parents can do is either convince them it isn’t true or laugh it off for a while. Shaakira Brandon clearly didn’t expect her daughter to accuse her of being an alien until she did.

The mother shared that she had let her daughter watch “Men in Black” once but had no idea her princess would go a little overboard with things. She shared an adorable video of her little girl, Nala-Joye, who was sobbing as she held her mother’s passport.

When Nala was asked the reason behind her tears, she was so overcome with her feelings that she couldn’t say a word. In the meantime, her mother was taken aback by her little daughter’s reaction and alien theory. The caption of her video of Nala on Twitter read:

“My daughter found my passport today & she thought it was paperwork to show I’m an alien . Shoulda never let her watch MIB (sic).”

When Brandon saw Nala holding her passport as proof of her alleged alien identity, she was able to connect the dots. “Men in Black” had an alien reference where the creatures came to earth and carried paperwork, including passports. No wonder Nala was smart.

In the video, Brandon asked Nala if the picture of the earth on her passport meant she was an alien, also adding if she was scared of mommy. Much to her surprise, her little princess had taken things far too seriously.

She mentioned that while her daughter wants to find a man for her, she wishes to buy a house for her little angel. 

Following Nala’s outpour of emotions, Brandon explained that the passport was simply showing everywhere she had been to on planet earth. As it turns out, the viral video has more than 1.5 million views and 255K likes.

The viral sensation video gained even more popularity when Men in Black’s screenwriter, Ed Solomon, commented on it, saying: “My Bad. I apologize. :)” It seems that everyone is concerned for little Nala but is also amused at her adorable reaction.

To make things more fun, Brandon even confirmed in a Tweet that her daughter “slept with the lights on and an eye open” that night. Mommy dear clearly didn’t come slow because she shared a series of cute videos featuring Nala’s hilarious and dramatic reactions.

In one of the videos, Nala-Joye was busy preparing a cake with her brother. The video once again included a teary-eyed Nala, and the caption read: “If you watched that clip and thought ‘awww kids are so innocent’ be advised they are sour patches and low-key mini terrorist.”

Nala’s dramatic nature was further confirmed by another video shared by Brandon where she was wearing a princess dress at Disneyland but refused to strike a smile for a photo. The caption read:

“You gotta be really committed to your attitude to have an attitude in the happiest place on earth.”

Brandon also added that she’s been looking after Nala as a single parent for many years, and they share a strong bond. She mentioned that while her daughter wants to find a man for her, she wishes to buy a house for her little angel.

Several people have commented on Nala’s viral video clips. One user said: “OMG. She has proof! The way she pointed out that pic and threw down the passport… I’m dead (sic).”

Another user shared: “If my child isn’t like this… I’m parenting wrong.” Undoubtedly, Nala and Brandon make an adorable mommy-daughter duo, and her dramatic reactions are absolutely loveable.


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