‘Little People, Big World’ Feud Explodes After Amy Roloff Snubs Ex-Husband Matt From Wedding?

Amy and Matt Roloff smiling together in 2007

Is a feud brewing on TLC’s Little People, Big World after Amy Roloff snubbed her ex-husband Matt Roloff from her wedding? One tabloid insists the show is in for a “big blowup.” Gossip Cop investigates.

Matt Roloff ‘Steamed’ Over Wedding Snub?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Little People, Big World stars Amy Roloff and ex-husband Matt Roloff is locked in a bitter feud after Matt was informed neither he nor his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, would be invited to Amy’s wedding. Amy and her fiance, Chris Marek, are set to wed on the Roloff pumpkin farm that Matt owns and lend to Amy for her big day. But the tabloid insists old tensions are coming to a head with the wedding snub.

An insider dishes to the tabloid, “Matt and Caryn are acting like they couldn’t care less, but they’re pretty steamed since Amy’s using Roloff Farms as the venue for free.” The source adds that Amy had held a grudge against Chandler since 2017, when she and Matt began dating. “Amy doesn’t like Caryn and has always been suspicious of her,” the snitch confides.

“There’s still some bitterness, and Amy doesn’t want them anywhere near to spoil her special day. And with Matt’s two DUIs, she wouldn’t want to set the stage for a disastrous incident at her own wedding.” Then the outlet recaps Matt’s two drunk driving charges, insisting Amy is hesitant to let him near the alcohol at her wedding. “Amy doesn’t trust Matt these days and would be riled to see them drinking her booze and eating her wedding cake!” the insider insists.

“Amy and Matt’s kids and their spouses are divided — and they already have problems getting along!” Then the tipster speculates how Matt will handle things when the day comes. “They may say they’ll be ‘out of town,’ but Amy is hiring security, and everyone thinks it’s to keep them out in case they try to crash the party!” the source concludes.

Roloff Family ‘Frosts’ Over Amy Roloff’s Wedding?

So, is it true the Roloff family is in for a big shake-up over Amy Roloff’s wedding? Not at all; we can explain. The family actually discussed on their show whether or not Matt would be attending the ceremony and explained why it would be better for everyone that he doesn’t attend. In a sneak peek for the season finale of LPBW, Amy explained, “Chris and I debated whether to invite Matt and Caryn to the wedding, but we decided against it. I think it causes less drama, and I think that’s better for everyone.”

Then Marek added, “Initially when Matt offered us the farm, I thought it was just a given that we invite him and Caryn to join us if they’d like to, you know, no obligation. But then I saw where it could be awkward for some people that were going to be at the wedding and especially maybe for Amy.”

To which Matt chimed in, “We had a conversation, and he goes, ‘Are you going to be offended if we don’t invite you to the wedding?’ [I said,] ‘Absolutely not, let’s just take it off the table, make it simple.” Matt even joked, “I will be going on the honeymoon,” before he and Marek cracked up in laughter. It’s clear the whole family agrees, and there are no hard feelings. It’s unknown where the tabloid is getting its information, but from the Roloff family themselves, there’s no tension over Amy and Marek’s big day.

Other Bogus Wedding Stories From The Tabloid

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has caught the National Enquirer in a lie about celebrity weddings. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Miranda Lambert was banning her friends from attending her ex-husband Blake Shelton’s wedding. Then the outlet claimed Hoda Kotb’s wedding was delayed because she feared how it could affect her job. And then, the tabloid reported Kris Jenner was planning to wed her partner Corey Gamble in a $2 million Bora Bora ceremony. Obviously, the outlet knows nothing about celebrity weddings.


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