Little People’s Audrey Roloff SLAMMED for letting kids Ember, 4, and Bode, 1, play Candyland in front of open fireplace

LITTLE People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff was slammed by fans for allowing her two children to play the Candyland right in front of an open roaring fireplace as she is expecting her third child.

In the video Audrey posted to Instagram stories, Ember, four, and Bode, one, ran around the living room while playing the iconic board game.


Little People’s Audrey Roloff was slammed today for parenting tacticsCredit: Instagram
Reddit fans disapproved of her children playing close to an open fire


Reddit fans disapproved of her children playing close to an open fireCredit: Instagram

The video gave a fall feel with the faded filter, and a sense of the fast-approaching holiday spirit with the two children wearing adorable onesies.

The 30-year-old reality star captioned the clip: “Candyland by the fire.”

However, as wholesome as the video clip was, some fans were extremely concerned with how close Bode stumbled towards the open fireplace.

The fans took to Reddit to sound off.

One voiced: “I’m getting anxious.”

Another added: “Holy s*** that’s anxiety inducing.”

A third wrote: “candyland by the fire about to be candyland IN the fire.”

Other fans were quick to defend Audrey, who is 37 weeks pregnant.

One fan countered: “Audrey is clearly in the room with them if she’s taking the photo.

“Her kids are young but still old enough to understand not to go near fire.”


Audrey and her husband Jeremy have been teasing the sex of their third baby.

Though the child is only weeks away from being born, Audrey and Jeremy revealed they don’t yet know the baby’s gender.

They teased their excitement at one day soon finding out and shared their guesses and thoughts on it all.

Along with a sweet letter to his wife of seven years and the mother of his children, Jeremy shared a beautiful shot of Audrey in a field of flowers while wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress.

She caressed her growing baby bump as she looked off to the side, out into nature.

Jeremy wrote: “Catching the last glow of evening light. Getting excited to meet the new family member!”

Teasing the baby’s gender, he added: “It’s been interesting not knowing whether the baby is a boy or girl this time around. 

Will I have another son, or another daughter? The suspense! P.s. Audrey you’re smoking.”

Overwhelmingly, Jeremy’s followers guessed in the comments that he and Audrey are having another baby boy.

One confident fan wrote, “Looks like a boy this time,” to which Jeremy replied that he’s “thinking so too.”


At the beginning of October, Audrey held a Q&A session about her delivery plans and pregnancy with fans in her Instagram Stories.

In the first story, a fan asked if the ex Little People, Big World star was going to consider a “home birth this time around.”

While sharing a snapshot of her baby bump, she replied: “Planning on delivering at a birth center.”

In the second Story, a fan wanted to know how “this pregnancy compared” to Audrey’s two other previous births.

The “unprepared” star explained she needed “to get the baby things down from the attic” and “prep for labor/postpartum. 

She continued: “I had more waves of nausea if I didn’t eat few hours in the beginning with this pregnancy than the other two. 

“I feel like the baby is super low with this pregnancy and also with Bode. Ember was always stuck in my ribs.”

The TLC star added: “With Bode and with this one, I’ve had more Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)pain.”

Audrey is 37 weeks pregnant and expecting her third child


Audrey is 37 weeks pregnant and expecting her third childCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
Audrey and husband Jeremy have teased at the gender reveal


Audrey and husband Jeremy have teased at the gender revealCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
In a recent Q&A, Audrey claimed she felt 'unprepared' for the birth


In a recent Q&A, Audrey claimed she felt ‘unprepared’ for the birthCredit: Instagram @audreyroloff
Audrey Roloff rips husband Jeremy for his risky new ‘skateboarding hobby’

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