Little People’s Caryn Chandler is a proud grandma as son Connor welcomes his first child, baby boy Liam Joseph

CARYN Chandler has welcomed her first grandchild to the world as her son Connor’s girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy named Liam Joseph.

The Little People Big World star’s son announced his girlfriend Ashlee’s pregnancy in April after the couple had been dating for eight months.


Caryn welcomed her first grandson to the worldCredit: Instagram/Caryn Chandler
She and Matt have been together for five years


She and Matt have been together for five yearsCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

Caryn, 53, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the news that her first grandson had arrived.

The reality star posted a sweet photo of the tiny newborn while wrapped in a swaddling blanket and wearing a tiny gray hat.

The TV personality captioned her shot: “I’m a Grandma ! Sweet baby Liam Joseph Chandler arrived Sunday August 22nd (2 weeks early). A bouncing 6lbs 12 oz of pure joy. My heart… is bursting ! 💙”

Caryn then added a few hashtags to her post, reading: “#iluvhim#thoseeyestho#momanddaddoinggreattoo.”

Fans swarmed the comments with congratulations and good wishes as they celebrated the baby’s arrival.


In April of 2021, The Sun exclusively revealed that Caryn’s son Connor, 22, was expecting his first child.

The news came while he awaited his harassment trial after a huge fallout with his mother.

Connor told The Sun that he would be welcoming a baby alongside his 21-year-old girlfriend and that Caryn was “very excited for her first grandchild.”

“Ashlee is currently 18 weeks pregnant and moving along well, she’s happy and healthy,” he revealed.

“I was speechless when we found out and started crying, it was a very emotional day.

Connor continued: “Our gender reveal is on April 11 and we can’t wait to find out. We both want a boy, I think it’s a boy, but she thinks it’s a girl.

“I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted to be a dad. We’ve been living together eight months now in Portland and we’re just so pleased to be settled and starting a family.

“Ashlee is a studying health sciences, but she’s on pause with that at the minute while she has our baby.”


Connor was arrested and charged with two counts of harassment against Caryn last year.

Court papers uncovered by The Sun claimed that the young father “did unlawfully and intentionally harass or annoy” his mom by subjecting her to “offensive physical contact.”

However, he revealed earlier this year that his relationship with Caryn has improved since their altercation.

 “I’ve been through so much but it’s only up from here and hopefully everything with the court case will sort itself out,” he began.

“My mom and I are on good terms now, she is very excited for the baby, which is due in September.

“She said every time she leaves the house she grabs something for her future grandchild.”


Connor spent years addicted to the prescription drug Xanax, which led him to go through countless rehab stints and group homes, even being hospitalized once after overdosing.

He told The Sun that although “rehab never helped” he “ended up getting clean” after he “turned 18”, once he was “off probation.”

“It just happened, one day I was done, tired of living that life,” the troubled father admitted.

Connor said that addiction took over his life, but since getting back on track he has returned to normalcy.

“I’m glad it happened when I was a kid, that’s what I can say, I was able to really learn before I truly started my future,” he shared.

“I don’t steal, I don’t do drugs. I have good relationships with my family and friends, I go out on the weekend and work during the week like every other person.”

Connor and Ashlee have been together for a year


Connor and Ashlee have been together for a yearCredit: Connor Chandler/The US Sun
This is their first child together


This is their first child togetherCredit: Connor Chandler
Connor was arrested for 'harassing' his mom last year


Connor was arrested for ‘harassing’ his mom last yearCredit: Refer to Caption
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