‘Lizard On Leash’: Man Takes Pet For Casual Stroll, Netizens Call It ‘real Dinosaur’

The video shared on YouTube shows a person taking a pet lizard on a walk who can be seen quickly moving across a pavement and climbing a tree.

Social media platforms are flooded with videos that capture the activities of reptiles and animals. A new video of a lizard has surfaced on the internet. The clip shows a person taking the lizard on a walk who can be seen quickly moving across a pavement and climbing a tree.

Lizard on a leash

The video has been shared by ViralHog on YouTube alongside the caption, “Walking a Small Dilophosaurus on Leash”. In the caption, it is mentioned, “This video was taken as a joke referencing the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park”. The video was captured in Florida, United States. A person from Florida has captured the movement of the lizard. In the video, the reptile can be seen moving quickly towards the pavement, jumping on it. Later in the video, the lizard can be seen climbing over a tree. Watch the video here:

Since being shared on YouTube, the video has garnered thousands of views. Netizens were stunned to see the video and later flooded the comments sections. One user commented, “LOL that is a kickass ‘Dino’ lizard. I want one of those”. Another individual commented, “Lizard with an attitude lol want one, haha that Lil dude would seriously make me laugh way too much tho. He’s got a crazy big personality”. Check out some user reactions:


Meanwhile, a few months ago, the gigantic predatory lizard known as the Bengal monitor was spotted on the waterlogged streets of Kolkata as Cyclone ‘Yass’ battered parts of Kolkata, and East, and West Medinipur districts of West Bengal. Crawling stealthily with its sharp claws, the Bengal monitor lizard was seen just outside the homes in the urban neighbourhood as it shocked and terrified the local residents. In the now-viral footage, the mammoth greenish-grey reptile with the ventral body, 8 kg, can be seen casually strolling in the swamp puddle on the road.

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