The Below Deck Med Season 6: Lloyd Spencer Has A Health Scare

The Below Deck Med Season 6 is already underway and it’s shaping up to be an interesting season. There is drama and tension on the high seas. Two crew members – stew Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew Shea – have caused enough drama to last an entire season. There are whispers that Lexi will end up packing and going home.

In the new trailer, the crew will have to deal with a mystery illness. Apparently, deckhand Lloyd Spencer is having a little trouble with his job. Bosun Malia White tells him that he needs to get on his A-game. In another season, he ends up getting sick and is taken away by boat.

What’s wrong with Lloyd Spencer?!

The Below Deck Med midseason trailer dropped on Monday, August 13. It shows Lloyd struggling with his job. Malia warns him that he needs to pick up his game. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to drop anchor. In another scene, Lloyd gets sick and pukes in the water.

Malia asks him if he just got sick. He just nods his head and continues to barf. Shortly thereafter, Lloyd is hooked up to a blood pressure monitor. “His blood pressure is really high. He has chest pains,” Captain Sandy Yawn tells someone on her radio.

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That’s not all that happens. There are many injuries, difficult decisions, and demanding charter guests as the season goes on. Captain Sandy gets into an argument with Malia about how she handled someone’s injury. It’s a tense moment between the two. She screams, “I don’t trust you!” as Malia tries to explain herself.

However, Sandy’s unwilling to listen and says the trust is gone. In another scene, Mathew tells Lexi that no one likes her. It’s another unsettling crew night out. This could be the very scene that sets her off and costs her – her job.

Below Deck Med crew rallied around Lloyd

In a previous episode of Below Deck Med, the crew showed their support for Lloyd. He was overcome with emotion when he noticed how nice everyone was. Lloyd had a terrible experience with yachting before. His previous boss would harass and bully him all because of his sexuality.

Lloyd recounted the horror with his crewmates. They didn’t care if he was “90% straight.” They wanted him to know that they love him and support him anyway. During their drunken night, they saw Lloyd crying and sharing his story to chief stew Katie Flood. They gathered around him and hugged him.

Lloyd never felt so much love until that very moment. Most of the Below Deck Med fans took to social media to rally around Lloyd virtually. They wanted to show their support. Some commended him for being himself while others thanked him for sharing the vulnerable story.

Hopefully, Lloyd is healthy enough to finish out the charter season. He’s become a fan-favorite for his winning personality and charming mustache.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes air a few days earlier on Peacock.

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