Locals fear alien invasion after spooky black ring spotted floating across sky

A mysterious black ring that appeared above a city had residents believing aliens were about to land.

The eerie black ring hung over the Columbian city of Barrancabermeja, causing onlookers to be spooked into thinking something supernatural had occurred or it had come from outer space.

In one of several videos filmed by onlookers, one resident is heard saying: “God, that’s very strange, I hope they’re not aliens.”

Another passer-by says: “Look at that in the sky, I don’t know what it is.”

However, the fears of outer space contact were shut down by a local astronomy organisation at a university.

Witnesses were left wondering if the mysterious ring was created by aliens
(Image: Newsflash)

Luis Nunez, of the Halley Group Astronomy Complex at the Industrial University of Santander, believes the scary black ring has a more rational explanation than aliens.

He told radio station Blu Radio: “These are smoke rings generated by a large structure. Smoke can originate by accident… it could be due to a boat on the Magdalena River or in the oil facility.

A circle appeared in the sky of Barrancabermeja, Colombia, on 28th September.
However, a local expert had a more rational explanation
(Image: Newsflash)

The expert added: “It is an artificial phenomenon, and given the weather conditions, in this case a cloudy day, it appears clearer to people.”

Despite Nunez’ dampening suspicions of other life in outer space, alien visits have been a hot topic of discussion in recent months.

A US government report, mandated by then-President Donald Trump last year on sightings of UFOs, found no evidence of alien activity, but did not rule out the existence.

The report reviewed 120 incidents but was unable to make definitive assessments about what the unidentified flying objects might have been.

In May, retired US Navy pilot Ryan Graves told reporters that he and his squadron had seen objects with no visible exhaust plumes travelling at speeds apparently defying the limits of known technology in restricted airspace off the coast of the US state of Virginia in 2014.

A “glowing” UFO had also recently been spotted over Maryland and remained visible for two days.


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