Logan Paul addresses claims of leaving YouTube: “I’m on a different mission now”

YouTube star Logan Paul hasn’t uploaded on his channel in two months, leading some fans to believe the NFT connoisseur has abandoned the platform for greener pastures.

Logan Paul is one of the internet’s most famous social media personalities. After getting his start on Vine, Paul translated his over-the-top comedy to YouTube, where he has gained a whopping 23.2 million subscribers.

While his career has experienced some major highs and lows, Paul is seeing some of the biggest growth in his life as an entertainer thus far, having just fought Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in a boxing exhibition match that shook the entire internet.

However, Paul’s YouTube grind has suddenly come to a shrieking halt. Two months after his bout with Mayweather, Paul has yet to upload a single video, and instead seems to be focusing on NFTs.

In fact, the star received a $700,000 offer on a CryptoPunk — a unique NFT pixel portrait — earlier this month, but turned down the offer to turn a bigger profit later on down the road.

Considering his recent obsession with all things cryptocurrency and business, it isn’t a huge leap to think that Paul might be making a shift in his career, with some fans even speculating that he’s taking an extended hiatus or leaving the platform altogether.

Paul addressed these concerns during an episode of his imPaulsive podcast on August 18, claiming that he’s not taking a hiatus, but simply shifting his creative energy in a new direction.

YouTube: imPaulsive

Logan Paul is a staunch supporter of cryptocurrency, having heavily endorsed the comedic ‘Dink Doink’ token in late June.

“I think I’m gonna upload on YouTube soon, but something a little more value-based,” he explained. “It would just be me going over NFT projects that I think are the coolest and most promising. …I have a lot to show, as well. I do like the idea of being a pioneer in the space.”

“It’s not a hiatus, I’m just working in different ways, dude,” Paul continued. “I’m kind of on the vibe right now, where if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense. I’m coming more and more into my own as a businessman. Like a true business person. My creative energy that I was putting into YouTube videos… is now just gone all into business.”

Luckily for fans, it doesn’t seem like Logan is abandoning his roots as a YouTuber… but it looks like his normal content might take a turn to focus on things that are based on dollar signs, rather than jumping into canals in Italy.

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