Logan Paul Fan Goes Viral in Tearful Video After Quitting Job to Work With YouTube Star, and Getting Rejected

One of Logan Paul’s fans went viral earlier this week after going to some extreme lengths to meet the YouTube star-turned boxer. 22-year-old TikToker Austin Wallace told his followers in a video that he quit his $100k job to pursue his career as an influencer, so he managed to find his way backstage at the Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley press conference where Paul made an appearance months after his fight against Floyd Mayweather. His hope was to be added to the boxer’s team. Paul was shocked by the question but declined his request, telling Wallace that he wasn’t in a place to be a mentor for anyone else at the moment. 

“I’m a f––-up myself. I need a mentor, you know what I’m saying?” he told Wallace in the video. “I didn’t have connections or people around me, I had Jake. Do you have a brother? Do you have friends?” After breaking the harsh truth, he did give Wallace some helpful advice. “Go make content, make stuff with your friends. I’m glad you quit your job, it takes balls to do that, but now you gotta activate. I’m not the guy directly. My team is {very small] – we’re locked,” he continued.

He added: “Life isn’t about handouts, you’ve gotta work. If you really are serious about it, you should move to LA and, just like you approached me, start making connections with every single person in LA. I’m serious, that’s it. I’ve always said, if you can talk to someone, you can make it in LA.” After facing the tough letdown, Wallace resigned himself to his car where he began to let the tears fall. Though, his ill fortune didn’t end there. Once he uploaded the TikTok online, people on social media didn’t respond with many kind words for his situation. “This guy makes 100k a year, and quit his job to be a media personality with no talent, and then got on Tik Tok to cry about it?” someone wrote on Twitter, making a joke of the situation. 

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