Loki Episode 2 Review | Character Reveal

Loki Episode 2 Review: Series is now available on Disney +, here’s what we thought. … M like Wednesday, but above all like mischief with a certain god of Asgard. After episode 1 of Loki in which the sacred chronology seemed in danger, it is now time to discover the star of the show as an employee of the Tribunal of Anachronistic Variations. He even has the right to his own VAT-stamped jacket! Time is running out for the agents of the organization created by the Keepers of Time. Led by Mobius, it’s a whole team that tries to understand the functioning of the variant which sows chaos through the timelines.

Loki Episode 2 Review: Who better than Loki to understand Loki? This is precisely the logic that Mobius follows.

The latter, however, is not fooled. He knows who he’s dealing with, and doesn’t fall for the many traps Loki sets for him. Even if he claims to be ready to help the TVA, the god of mischief is indeed trying to escape their control. He nevertheless seems to get caught up in the game as the episode progresses., to the point where his research leads him to find major information on the location of the variant, highlighting a security flaw in the TVA at the same time.

The chemistry between Loki and Mobius is still very present, even if it is sometimes questioned whether they really trust each other, or if they use each other to better achieve their goal. The relationship between Mobius and Judge Ravonna Renslayer also begins to intrigue. The two seem to have worked together for a long time, which makes you want to learn more about their origins and past.

The true identity of the variant of Loki

It is not only the links between the characters that are revealed in this new episode of Loki, the plot, too, unfolds. The rhythm accelerates and the minutes pass much faster than during the previous chapter, so that when the end credits appear one is almost surprised.

An effect exacerbated by the last part of the episode, an intense chase in the middle of a storm in a supermarket which gives way to a new revelation: the variant so sought after is none other than Lady Loki. The theories of the fans were therefore right! Tom Hiddleston won’t be the only one to play the god of mischief. If this turnaround was somewhat predictable, as the mystery around the identity of this variant was maintained, it must be admitted that it raises a lot of questions.

Lady Loki will be the real antagonist of the series? What role will Loki play? Is the Tribunal of Anachronistic Variations hiding something? While episode 1 of Loki and its many easter eggs laid the foundations very smoothly, this episode 2 raises the level of a notch and our curiosity with it.

Unlike previous Marvel Studios series, Loki’s ultimate goal not known. We don’t know where the show takes us, or what its outcome will be, which is an advantage and makes each new event all the more intriguing. We hope, however, that the series will not fall into a repetitive pattern, with Loki helping TVA and Mobius to better betray them a few scenes later. Even if it would remain characteristic of the character, we want to be a little more surprised. See you next Wednesday for the third episode of Loki.


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