London’s ‘worst cafe’ where ‘rude staff threw a block of cheese’ at customer

The London cafe has received a slew of negative reviews on TripAdvisor over the years, with disgruntled customers criticising the food, and the service from staff

From a quick bite at a local cafe to a night out at a Michelin star restaurant, we all have certain expectations depending on where we are visiting.

Food hygiene, a delicious meal and polite staff are the essentials. The rest depends on what kind of establishment you’re visiting.

Many of us turn to TripAdvisor to check out the latest reviews from customers before visiting a new place – and a quick look at the menu to whet our appetites.

In London, there are thousands of fantastic restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs – with it possible to enjoy amazing food at any hour of the day.

But My London decided to take a look at the more disappointing side of life, as they examined the reviews of Palace Restaurant in Green Park, which occupies the bottom spot on TripAdvisor.

The cafe has been criticised online


Ellen Jenne)

The food hasn’t been well received


Frederica Miller)

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The cafe is currently ranked 1845th of the 1845 ‘Quick Bites’ spots in London and holds just 1.5 stars out of a potential five.

It has 233 reviews, 186 of which have been described as ‘terrible’, with several criticising the food and staff.

These are just some of the problems reviewers claim to have experienced during their visits to the spot.

‘She threw a block of cheese’

Many of the reviews are fairly forthright, with many alleging that the staff are rude and confrontational.

One customer even claimed they were chased from the premises, and had a block of cheese thrown at them, after they sneezed.

They allege: “I sneezed into a tissue and she come over screaming at me to get out with a frying pan in her hand so I stormed out as I got over the road she threw a block of cheese at me and had the cheek to shout at me to throw it back.

“Avoid like the plague.”

‘The food was cold’

Aside from the service, other complaints focus on the food quality,

One said: “Please don’t go here, the price you pay for the food you get is abysmal. The food was cold and barely anything was cooked right.

“The burger patties are cheap and thin, the meat could have been frozen for months and months. The bread was stale and almost mouldy. Tasted horrid.”

Another moaned: “If you fancy being overcharged for gross food and shouted at by the owner/staff then you’ll love this place. However, if you still have taste buds, a concept of value for money and like your eardrums intact, then avoid!!!!”

But others were more positive – with the venue currently holding four ‘Excellent’ and six ‘Very Good’ reviews.

One fan wrote: “The food was amazing and the staff were super nice. Don’t listen to 1-star reviews, it’s super clean too.”

Another said: “Good restaurant, very good selection of dishes and very good quality of all their products. Highly recommended.”

The Palace Restaurant has been contacted for comment.

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