Look at the Life of Actress CCH Pounder 5 Years after the Loss of Her Longtime Husband & Father of Her 3 Kids

CCH Pounder has built an excellent career and is a role model to many upcoming actors. However, in 2016, tragedy struck after she was faced with the death of her husband. Inside the life of Pounder, before and after her husband’s demise.American actress, Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder, popularly known as CCH Pounder, is a woman of distinct talent and character. Her name is as fabulous as her acting skills, and severally, she has spoken candidly about the benefits of having a unisex name.

Pounder was a guest on the TV show, “The Real,” and she shockingly revealed that bearing a unisex name has gotten her some roles, initially written for men. However, over the years, she has shown her expertise on the Broadway stage and in the movie industry.

Pounder was born in Guyana, where she was raised on a sugar cane plantation. After her parents left Guyana, Pounder and her sister were sent to a convent boarding school in Britain.

There, the pair learned about arts, which ignited the actress’ interest in acting. After graduating from the boarding school, Pounder attended Ithaca College, where she began her professional acting career in New York.

In 1982, she moved to Los Angeles and worked very hard to amass impressive fame and fortune in Hollywood, and today, she is recognized by many.

Pounder distinguished herself in the series “NCIS: New Orleans,” where she played the role of Dr. Loretta Wade— a forensic pathologist/medical examiner.

Speaking about her role during an interview, Pounder made it known that she was not a big fan favorite for caricature casting. However, she loved her character very much. According to the star, she was intrigued by the whole concept of forensic pathology.

For Pounder, there was a great mystery in death, but her field is also significant in solving problems. She was fascinated by the idea of looking at someone’s organs and arteries and seeing how they lived.

As soon as she got her role, the actress went to work. Pounder also revealed that there was a vast difference between working in a series and playing a guest role.

The actress also left fans in awe after she starred as Moat, the spiritual leader of the N’avi in the hit film “Avatar.” Pounder enjoys playing characters that portray her as a prominent, calm, and authoritative figure, as seen in the movie “End of Days,” where she acted with movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Apart from her roles in the movies mentioned above, Pounder has appeared in other classic films and series. Some of them include “The Shield,” “Warehouse 13,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Full Moon,” and many more.

As a testament to her skills, Pounder has received several awards and four Emmy Awards nominations, with more to come. The actress spends a lot of time and effort on her career. However, she does not neglect her personal and family life.


She was once happily married to her husband of twenty-five years, Boubacar Kone, and the lovebirds were doting parents to three children, Libya Kone, Nicole Kone, and Matthew Kone.

Boubacar may not have been involved in showbiz, but he was an accomplished man. Born on October 25, 1942, Boubacar attended the Institute of International Journalism in Strasbourg, France.

In 1993, he and Ponder built a contemporary art museum known as “Musee Boribana,” the first of its kind in Dakar, Senegal. The lovebirds also established the Pounder-Kone Art Space in Los Angeles.

Sadly, on August 3, 2016, Boubacar died, survived by his wife, his children, and grandchildren. Boubacar’s death was gravely felt; however, the actress never allowed it to hinder her career or impact society.

To mark one year after Boubacar’s death, a feast in celebration of his life was prepared, and prayers were offered by loved ones.


Two years after her husband’s death, Pounder spoke candidly about what contemporary African art meant to her. She said she had been involved in that aspect of life for 22 years, and in one way or another, she would continue to do so, despite the loss of her husband.

Furthermore, Pounder said she had always wanted to be an artist, and as long as she had hands and eyes, she could still be one in some form. The art enthusiast’s statement was confirmed as she took to her Instagram page to share a snap taken inside an art gallery.

In the shot, she was clad in a black tracksuit and purple head warmer. The “NCIS: New Orleans” star posed beside a sculpture of a black man, closely examining the masterpiece.

In the background, other art enthusiasts could be spotted taking a glimpse at other artworks hanging on the walls. The lovely snapshot was accompanied by a caption that read: “A WILEY Examination.”

Another post saw Pounder standing next to a magnificent wooden work of art, which according to the caption, she acquired from Jean Marcel St. Jacques. She held a little piece of an African print fabric while dishing out a subtle smile for the camera.

Apart from visiting art galleries, Pounder continued showcasing her talent in the movie industry. A picture shared on her Instagram page showed the actress looking excited during a make-up session by the makeup department of “NCIS.” She captioned it:

“LG still making the miracle on 34 St on this bin around the way face! Thanks NCIS makeup dept the GORMAN effect!!”

Another picture captured her in character during a scene of the police procedural television series. She once stated during an interview that since she moved to New Orleans to film the movie, everyone wanted to visit her.

The actress also loves attending events and posing on the red carpet. In a picture posted early last year, Pounder looked delectable in a long black dress.

She rocked her signature short blonde hair, graciously standing on a red carpet. To finish off her elegant appearance, Pounder grinned from ear to ear, and fans loved it.


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