Lorraine Kelly brands new Diana movie Spencer ‘bizarre, graphic and unsettling’

Lorraine Kelly branded the new Diana film Spencer “bizarre, graphic and unsettling” as she talked about it during a showbiz section of her daily show.

The new movie sees Twilight star actress Kristen Stewart playing Princess Diana and examines the period leading up to her divorce from Prince Charles.

Lorraine who got a sneak preview of the film said she’s be interested to see what the other Royals thought of the movie.

She said: “I do wonder what they are going to think about that movie Spencer. It’s very bizarre. It’s actually, probably, one of the better movies about Diana. There have been some right clunkers, haven’t there?

“But it’s really all about her and it’s about her unravelling. And I have to say, Kristen Stewart does it beautifully, it’s an incredible portrait. It’s quite graphic and unsettling though.”

Kristen Stewart plays Diana in new movie Spencer

She added: “The royals are there but they’re in the shadows. I think Prince Charles has got one line? And Princess Anne has got one line and the Queen says one thing but the rest of them, you don’t really see them. They’re there but they’re not there?”

“Her sons are in it a lot, the actors are super, but there are a lot of bizarre scenes in it..

Lorraine referred to one scene in the movie where Diana and Camilla are supposedly bought the same necklace by Prince Charles.

She said: Like Charles apparently buys her the same necklace as Camilla for Christmas. I mean, really? Come on!

“If that’s true, then for goodness sake! And it’s got her eating the pearls in her head.”

Lorraine also talked about the Diana statue at Kensington Palace Gardens which recently received some funding from Sir Elton John as well as the late princess’s friends.

She admitted: “I don’t like that statue. It doesn’t do her justice.”


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