Lorraine Kelly frightened by Squid Game and brands Netflix show disturbing 

Lorraine Kelly has confessed she is frightened by hit Netflix show Squid Game and branded it ‘disturbing’ as she talked abut its success.

The Hunger Games style show which sees poverty hit contestants risk their life to win nostalgic playground games has amassed mire than 62 million viewers across the globe.

Made by South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show is pretty graphic in nature and features lots of bloodied people meeting their horrific deaths.

We recently had some fun suggesting what Squid Game would look like if it were Scottish.

Lorraine Kelly admitted she tried to watch the South Korean version but couldn’t stomach it at the first try.

Lorraine Kelly isn’t sure about Squid Game

She said: I tried with it but its quite disturbing. It’s creepy.”

She added: “I don’t like things that are dubbed. Their mouths are still moving and the accents are really weird.”

Netflix Squid Game could have Scottish games

After asking if they had a subtitle option and being told that she could in fact watch with that instead she replied: “You do need to be in mood for subtitles.

And she concluded: ” South Korea are kicking it out the park.”

One fan said: ” @lorraine you can watch Squid Game with the English dub. It is tolerable and mostly workable. It doesn’t take away from the show.”

Another added: “Finished watching this yesterday and wow SO GOOD. I’m looking forward to next season.”


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