Lorraine Kelly launches the national Scotland’s Sex, Drugs and Health Conference

Lorraine Kelly has launched the Sex, Drugs & Health Virtual Conference – a free event to support the health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland.

The conference is due to take place from Tuesday 19th through till Thursday 21st October and will see a variety of guest community members, third sector organisations, academics, researchers and healthcare professionals who are committed to making Scotland a healthier place.

Lorraine Kelly, HIV Scotland’s ambassador launched the ticket registration with a video calling on all of Scotland’s drugs and sexual health community, activists and health professionals to book in as there is 350 tickets available.

Lorraine Kelly’s Change + Check campaign with Dr Hilary Jones and Helen Addis

Lorraine has said: “Originally set to take place in my old home town of Dundee in 2020, this conference will consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for the future of Scotland’s sexual health and wellbeing.

“What’s more important than the future of Scotland’s sexual health? Scotland has led the way with innovation in sexual health.

“The introduction of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – antiretroviral drugs that prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS have been available in Scotland since July 2017 and leading Scotland towards becoming HIV free.”

New to the conference is a series of six chaired round table sessions will provide rich discussion and insight in areas such as Migration, asylum & new entrants to Scotland, Trans health, wellbeing, and rights, Addressing race, communities of colour & sexual health in Scotland, Drug deaths, Chem sex and Intergenerational conversation on consent.

HIV Scotland Chief Executive, Alastair Hudson, explains, “We know that the COVID response has been a brutal and costly process for everyone that now requires careful consideration on how we are going to continue to best support Scotland in its broad spectrum of sexual health needs, with reduced resources on the horizon. We know that we will have to lose a few to win a few.

“This conference offers a platform for meaningful discussion. It’s a place to combine data-led evidence to inform and create innovative ideas to inspire the changes to support and sustain our first class, sexual health and drugs frontline service delivery. Shared ideas and best practice will essentially drive where we go next for Scotland’s sexual health and well-being”.

Lorraine Kelly sums up, “The conference is virtual, and it is free. Registrations have now opened. Get your tickets booked and the best of luck for a great conference. Scotland deserves a future of great, healthy sex lives. Let’s make it happen for everyone!”

To register for the conference click here or go to www.hiv.scot for booking information.


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