Lorraine Kelly says Michael Gove’s ‘terrifying’ dancing makes her toes curl

Lorraine Kelly found Michael Gove’s latest dancing video ‘terrifying’ and said it made her toes curl every time she watched .

The Scots presenter was even challenged about being ageist after she made the comments on Good Morning Britain, but she protested she wasn’t.

Lorraine was chatting with Susannah Reid and Ben Shephard when she criticised Michael Gove’s latest moves in a video with Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons foreign affairs select committee at a Tory party.

She said: “Never mind curling of lips, my toes may never uncurl after watching that.”

“What was that? Michael Gove dancing. Don’t do that without a warning.”

Michael Gove dances with MP to Whitney Houston at Tory Party conference

After both Susannah and Ben said that her comments could be taken as ageist, Lorraine defended herself and clarified what she meant.

She responded: “Of course they should be allowed to do it. I don’t want to see it. No stop it, don’t do it to me.”

As the video continued to be shown she added: “Jeez thats terrifying. Honest to god. My toes will never uncurl.

“I’ll sit permanently like that forever.:”

Some viewers were unhappy with Lorraine’s comments and defended Michael’s dancing.

One said: ” @reallorraine@lorraine ‘s awful accent makes my toes curl. I can’t bare @michaelgove myself, but you can’t knock him for having a bit of fun.

“Why shouldn’t he be setting the dancefloor alight with his moves? #GMB#Lorraine.”

Another added: “Bet Lorraine’s dancing is just as awful……”

And someone else commented: “No doubt if it was one of Lorraine’s old washed up celebrity friends dancing she’d be gushing.”


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