Lorraine Kelly slams Boris Johnson for dodging Good Morning Britain interview for years

Lorraine Kelly called out Prime Minister Boris Johnson for refusing to appear on Good Morning Britain.

The TV host described as “outrageous” the fact that the PM hadn’t spoken to the programme in more than four years.

During the ITV show on Tuesday morning Ranvir Singh tried to get Johnson for a chat, but was waved away and the request was refused.

Lorraine said to GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell: “Good morning! You know I’ve been watching you too, as I always do in the morning, and I cannot believe it’s been over four years since Boris Johnson spoke to you guys! It’s outrageous!”

Alastair interjected: “1,563 days Lorraine!”

Lorraine exclaimed: “What?! That’s terrible. It’s not just about talking to you, it’s about talking to our viewers, that’s what it’s all about.

“This is as close as we got this morning,” Susanna said as GMB aired a video clip from earlier that morning of Johnson running away.

Lorraine described his actions as “unbelievable” before adding: “Yeah, he’s scared.”

The ITV show had earlier aired a clip of Johnson walking through the conference while flagged by aides as Ranvir called out: “Prime Minister.”

Johnson glanced over and put his hand up as she said: “Good Morning Britain would like to have you on the show!”

As he turned his back on her, Ranvir continued: “1,500 days it’s been, Prime Minister, since you’ve been on the show!”

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The PM then appeared to disappear into a black unit, prompting Alastair to exclaim: “Black fridge!”

“That’s not a fridge, that’s a reception area,” Ranvir laughed. “Though, interestingly, I think he is going to do the Today programme and the Today programme is based right at the back of the building over here.

“So he’s gone that way, possibly to go round the back and go in that way. We’re not sure but it is a bit like a maze here.

“He did of course just do quite a long interview there on the opposing channel, but there you go. Nothing for Good Morning Britain apart from a little wave this morning.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV


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